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A guide for Not only Indonesian/ International Student in Driving a Car/ Riding Motorbikes in the UK

As the laboratory I’m working in right now located pretty far from civilisation (public transport system), it’s an unwritten law that you need to have your own car working here. It’s true, one of my interview question was “Can you drive?”

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General (Mostly Money-Related) Tips and Tricks in Living in London/ United Kingdom

As a student in the UK, when we applied for Tier 4 UK VISA, it’s written that the expected monthly budget for London is about 1200 GBP. That’s also how much I get from my scholarship. So, how’s the reality? Is that amount enough? Those are valid questions, especially if you’re planning to bring your family with you. Believe it or not, if you’re planning your budget well, you can actually use that amount for a small family, with decent meals and everything. I have usually saved about half of my allowance each month (and use the saving for emergency conference travel fund, normal travel fund, and do leisure activities in between). Everyone has their own way to manage their own budget. Your life is your life, you’re the one who knows it best. Learning from how other people handle theirs, make it suitable for yours. For note, this is a compilation of things I’ve done and things people suggested to do to keep your budget low and living fuller (hopefully) in the UK.

Tier 4 VISA (

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Cute Souvenirs in Oxford

This is part of Photo-first-write-later travel posts.

What: Went to Oxford for Easter Break

Where: Oxford’s Colleges, especially Christ Church

Impression: Reminiscencing Harry Potter’s trail is nice, but I definitely like the merchandises


Cambridge’s Polar Museum

This is part of Photo-first-write-later travel posts.

What: Went to Cambridge for Easter Holiday

Where: Polar Museum

Impression: Small but densely informative museum

Entrance fee: Free

National Space Centre

This is part of Photo-first-write-later travel posts.

What: Went to Leicester University for Early Career Meeting.

Where: National Space Centre

Impression: Target market’s definitely children, but overall a nice experience

Entrance fee:: 11 GBP (concession and children), 14 GBP adult. Under 5 is free. It’s a yearly ticket though. You also get a visit to their planetarium/ theatre thingy