How to: GDAL with Martian Data

I’ve seen a lot of tutorial on working with GDAL with Earth data, but not a lot for planetary data, Mars included. As I use GDAL a lot (and in need of reminder myself), why not write a how-to with Martian data.

There is a reason why there is not a lot of discussion about GDAL in planetary community. It is because a lot of data processing, conversion, projection, are done in ISIS3. However, ISIS3 doesn’t work that well with HRSC data (my main Martian data), VICAR-formatted data, and GeoTIFF you produce yourself. Because of that, I suggest to have gdal installed as well. Read the rest of this entry

Nostalgia Filter: Bonding Through Shared Culture

It’s interesting to know how people from different culture bond with similarly shared mass media. And it is also interesting to know that apparently I watched a lot of TV back when I was little, heh.

Not my childhood (

Anyway, compared to people from, let’s say, United States, where mass media is equal to a world-wide phenomenon, it’s pretty common to see that your childhood=other people from different countries’. This definitely happens when a lot of British friends talked about TV shows they watched and children shows they’re fond of. Afraid not! As an Indonesian I have experienced foreign culture during my childhood by…watching a lot of TV!

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London’s 1001 Night (of Museum) + Extras

(This is an add-when-I-remember-to-write-more blog post)


Yes, this flowchart is handy, but not a suitable display picture material. Original is Source)

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Applying Schengen VISA and Ireland VISA from the UK

with a focus on Indonesian Citizen

The unfortunate thing about Indonesian studying in the UK is that it’s so very near to go to other countries (as cheap as £12 to go to France, for example), but you can’t because there’s a huge barrier…

What is that?

VISA, of course (still seething inside looking at Malaysian friend who can just impulse-buy flight/bus ticket)

Mock passport (


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Oh, Library!

Can’t read any of these (Source)

But fortunately can read these (Gorgeous Indonesian new covers, at last!) (Source)

The good thing about studying in the UK, is undoubtedly that everyone and the media speaks and write in English. Though it’s likely not a benefit if you’re into learning new languages, it’s definitely heaven for an avid reader with less budget like me, because all the books in the library and the bookstore are in English. As my lab’s based in Surrey, I applied to membership in Surrey Library, which is a big consortium of61 community libraries in the County of Surrey .

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