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Specks of Indonesia in the Solar System

(This is a part of Martian Series (Planet series?) I’m queueing in this moment)

Looking through this map which I have previously mentioned in this article, a crater’s name lit up my interest. Tomini Crater? Is that the same Tomini with the Tomini I know? After shifting through Martian Crater name list, I found 4 of craters with Indonesia-related names. Apparently this has been caught interest of other Indonesian article writers as proven by these articles. Are there other features in out solar system with names based on Indonesian culture and mythology? Apparently they are. Shifting through IAU Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature, there are few familiar an unfamiliar names with “Indonesian” in their description.

Pratiwi Sudarmono.jpg

Unrelated but let me put this picture of Pratiwi Sudarmono (Whoa there’s a Hanacaraka writing of her name in her Wikipedia entry)


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Asean Korea: Unique Traditions of Indonesia before The Start of Ramadhan


In a few days, fasting month will start for Moslem all around the world. As a country with the highest number of Moslem in the world, Indonesia also quite eager in embracing the holy month for the devotees.

There are a few of unique traditions done by Indonesian Moslem for welcoming Ramadhan. In this article, we will discuss some of them.


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