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3-D Print Your Planet (and Space-Related Objects)

[Updated 5 June 2019]

Writing this as it’s still fresh in mind (looking at a lot of drafts sitting in my notebook) as well as for the next print if any. I can and will update this, but for now, it’s publishable in my standard.

I have just obtained an opportunity to do outreach. It’s a very interesting event, and as I previously have obtained a 3-D print of Gale Crater, I was very interested to create a print of my area of research (still Mars, but more to the south)



The print in question. As blurry as it can get  Anyone can guess what this is?


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Designing Mission Patches

As I was looking for outreach activity to do, I encounter designing space mission badges/ patches. Space mission badges is usually designed to be worn on an astronauts’ suit. They usually have the austronauts’ names, the space shuttle, symbol/ logo about the mission, and flags of the country/ies involved.

These are from all the Space Transportation System (STS) a. k. a.  Space Shuttle  missions

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Stratford-Upon-Avon’s MAD Museum

This is part of Photo-first-write-later travel posts.

What: Going to Birmingham for The Big Bang Fair

Where: The MAD Museum, 1 hour train from Birmingham

Impression: Going to Stratford upon Avon for Shakespeare, but this museum’s one of my favourites (proven by the amount of photos)

Entrance fee: : 5.5 GBP (condession) 6.8 GBP (adult) , 4.50 (children 6-15). You can get 10% discount by bringing a Stratford-Upon-Avon map booklet (forget which one) . Also included in 2 for 1.

Ky’s Exchange: Chemical Hand Warmer

Get one from big sister to all Indonesian exchange students in South Korea(?) Mbak Flo (I want to recommend her Facebook Photo Album, actually. The mistress of taking beautiful Korean-related pictures. Sadly mine are only as far as informative pictures go.). Very thankful.

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Famous: Google Logos



It seems like a lie if you don’t know Google. If you can read this, that means: you’re online. If you’re online, you have at least once opened Google. As simple as that. If you open Google homesite, if you don’t set your Google background, there must be log for Google there. Different other companies who set and make sure that their logo is in the same color and proportion everywhere, Google Logos will change according to related events happened in the day you browse the site.

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