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Asean Korea: Sendratari Ramayana


Candi Prambanan at night (

Sendratari Ramayana, or Ramayana Ballet, is a performance held at night in the stage inside the Candi Prambanan complex of Yogyakarta Special Region and Central Java Province. The performance, a visualisation of story carved in the candi itself, is a combination of traditional Javanese dance and drama epoch accompanied with the sound of Gamelan orchestra, a traditional Javanese set of instrument. In the performance, there is no dialogue. The story is performed using dances and the songs in Javanese sung by sinden, singers of the orchestra. Hundreds of dancers are involved in the ballet, not to mention all the musician (niyaga) behind the gamelan, so yes, it is a big and complex stage. Although the sinden sing in Javanese, don’t be afraid because there are narrations in Bahasa Indonesia and in English alongside the ballet. In the entrance, there are also brochures with summary of the story in other languages than Bahasa Indonesia and English.

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