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How to: YD206 Yotaphone 2: Flash Lollipop, Update to Marshmallow, Root, Set up Always-On Screen

Yotaphone 2 (

I had always been interested in this phone since its launch, but the price point was the downside (400+ GBP was too much for a phone for me). Recently I’ve stumbled a post in Mobileread and XDA, saying that it’s been discounted to 100 GBP price point, which’s pretty rational, if I do say myself.

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My Android App List

I want to make article about my go-to Android apps for a year already, I have draft and everything other than hyperlinks, but after I lost it I don’t have enough motivation to start make it again (I’m still mourning).

Anyway, now I am ready to make one! My list of recommended Android apps for smartphone. I’m not always connected, I don’t have means for credit card, and my data subscription is limited, that’s for a starting note. Warning: long list of apps ahead.


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