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Android Series: My Tasker Profile

Have I told you how much I love Tasker? Anyway, being a nonpaying user (I really want to buy it, I really am. If you are Indonesian and want to give a hand , just tell me…) , I can’ t edit my profile as much as I can, usually I just re-install it and write all the profiles back one by one in one week and then just stay with the current profile written before I want to write a new one or edit some , like those time after I install a life-changing app.

(update: I have bought it! Yassss for buying from prepaid balance!)

With that scheme, I can’ t built so much fancy, longwinded, or specialized profiles, because I can’t just edit them anytime. Do look to my profile though, in case you want (also so that I have backup for my next profile writing time. This is a good time, because last time Tasker just updating to it latest version, Tasker 4.0.

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