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Supranatural Globe

Or: MOVA Globe, The Ever-Rotating Globe (The Not-So-Interesting Title)

My supervisor likes collecting globes, but one of them… is rather interesting.


Hopefully this is enough of a proof

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The Thing I Find Most Puzzling in Britain

is that… the opening hour for shops is rather short.

I don’t just say this for post offices, but for clothing and department stores as well, which is weird, because a lot of those stores open in weekday when people are still working (to be fair, some open on Saturday). And that also includes tourist attractions as well. As a person who’s so determined to go at 6 to visit establishments that open at 7.30, this saddens me, ahahah, because then the places to visit after 6 pm are rather limited (maybe for me only. Or maybe it’s just my scope of knowledge).

Side-by-side comparison with Indonesian hours (by the way, it is reaally easy to find opening hours for British stores (looking at Indonesian ones)). Left: Britain, Right: Indonesian

Side note: Senin: Monday, Selasa: Tuesday, Rabu: Wednesday, Kamis: Thursday, Jumat: Friday, Sabtu: Saturday, Minggu: Sunday

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