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Ky’s Exchange: Let’s Exercise!

Last week I  (with all my Daejeon friends) joined Saemaul Undong Training for Foreign Student in South Korea. It finished in Saturday at noon and we had ASEAN Bravo at 17.00. Our bus would come at 15.00. So, free time then. Roaming around Saemaul Undong area, I found them, public exercise machines.

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Famous: Google Logos



It seems like a lie if you don’t know Google. If you can read this, that means: you’re online. If you’re online, you have at least once opened Google. As simple as that. If you open Google homesite, if you don’t set your Google background, there must be log for Google there. Different other companies who set and make sure that their logo is in the same color and proportion everywhere, Google Logos will change according to related events happened in the day you browse the site.

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