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Nostalgia Filter: Bonding Through Shared Culture

It’s interesting to know how people from different culture bond with similarly shared mass media. And it is also interesting to know that apparently, I watched a lot of TV back when I was little, heh.

Not my childhood (

Anyway, compared to people from, let’s say, the United States, where mass media is equal to a worldwide phenomenon, it’s pretty common to see that your childhood!=other people from different countries’. This definitely happens when a lot of British friends talked about TV shows they watched and children show they’re fond of. Afraid not! As an Indonesian, I have experienced foreign culture during my childhood by…watching a lot of TV!

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It’s Already The Tenth


 <insert girl> <insert explosion><insert shriek><insert another explosion><insert one Kamen Rider main cast with motorcycle><insert explosions ><insert a troop of soldier-in-suit running><insert three of Kamen Rider main casts with their bikes><insert a sky full of Kamen Riders and people-with-suit flying><explosion?><insert the remaining Kamen Rider main casts on something big><insert explosions>

Rider War. The soldiers, the Kamen Riders, one by one will be falling. Decade…, will be the last one standing. All of them, in episode 1.

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Adachi Mitsuru’s Q and A

Q and A_1

I have been a Adachi Mitsuru’s fan since a long time. Starting this June, his new work Q and A. Read the rest of this entry