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Walking in Woking


Winning Design by Neville Godwin

After months living nearby, at least I got the opportunity to visit Woking. One of many satellite cities for the capital, you can go to Woking from London with SouthWest Train (and sadly nothing else, as both Google Maps and Rome2Rio tell me).

Anyway, why do you need to go to Woking? There are two “main” reasons for me to visit Woking.

  1. HG Wells
  2. Shah Jahan Mosque

And I’ve fulfilled those two reasons, so all’s well with the world.

Guildford City Tour

This is part of Photo-first-write-later travel posts.

What: Accompanying Participants of Wavelength Conference

Where: Guildford City Tour

Impression: Don’t forget to bring changes

Entrance fee:: Donation of 3 GBP is expected