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As an Indonesian, I was really not grateful (hmm, maybe not me) enough that I am able to be a viewer of the whole, both sides of the sky, able to see both Crux and Ursa Mayor, sure truly a blessing, for the whole year.

Most of these (okay, maybe no Polaris for me) (

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Designing Mission Patches

As I was looking for outreach activity to do, I encounter designing space mission badges/ patches. Space mission badges is usually designed to be worn on an astronauts’ suit. They usually have the austronauts’ names, the space shuttle, symbol/ logo about the mission, and flags of the country/ies involved.

These are from all the Space Transportation System (STS) a. k. a.  Space Shuttle  missions

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Shoelaces are not Obsolete


Okay, maybe people can say that shoelaces are obsolete now. Who wants to tie their shoelaces when they have velcro? Or slip-on shoes?

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Make Your Own Font

Surfing the web and having interest in typography casually,  other than serif and san serif there are also a line of fonts categorized as  handwritten fonts. Being “handwritten”, of course basically it had to be started as handwriting. Have you ever thought about making your own handwriting as font? Making digital diary seems more real, making digital card more personal, making your cheat sheet seems like it’ s handwritten (or is it just me?)

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Find me Alice

I think these months I will put more art because I have this design class that will make sure that my brain will get its juice drained for design-related stuff that I feel upload-worthy.

Find Me, Alice! by crimsonsnowkai

Enter a caption

Anyway, get an inspiration from one Alice in Wonderland badge, add more and more circles and voila one truckload of Alice in Wonderland characters, the maze, the eat-me cake, and finished kindergarten-magazine-styled entry.

Everything: Illustrator (I’m actually a CorelDraw person myself)
Maze template: tweaked from one worm maze I’ve found in GoogleImage search

Not so bad, I think I’m actually feel rather proud of this, haha.