National/ International Astronomy Olympiad Problem Sheets

[Updated: 16 September 2020]

I have some of the files, but I think it’d be easier to link to their pages as well (so that if anyone asks me I can just link him/ her this). Basically, you can just go to their own respective websites, but having them in one place helps a lot (especially for my Indonesian students/ friends). I try to link to official websites if I can. If I don’t have the links but I have the files, will upload them.

A must read

A must read

(Still building sources from dusty folders)

OSN Astronomi (Olimpiade Sains Nasional/ Indonesian National Olympiad) (in Bahasa Indonesia)

Sylabus (2018) and materials

City-Level Olympiad Guide (2014), National Olympiad Guide (2014)

Note: Most of the earlier years’ problems can be found in Mr Mariano Nathanael’s files, if they aren’t there, I’ll put the link below. A few discussions of the problems also linked, from ridlow@wordpress, , and aryanaparamita@wordpress. City-level is OSK, province level is OSP.

I 2002 No Astronomy Olympiad
II 2003 National Only, in Bandung, West Java see note, Solution
III 2004 Pekanbaru, Riau  see note
IV 2005 Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta see note, National (Data Analysis-Solution)
V 2006 Semarang, Central Java  see note
VI 2007 Surabaya, East Java see note, City(?), National (Data Analysis, Observation, Observation-Cloudy)
VII 2008 Makassar, South Sulawesi see note,

City (Kemdikbud)

National (Observation, Observation-Cloudy)

VIII 2009 Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta  see note

City ,Answer (Kemdikbud)

Province (Kemdikbud)

National (with answer) (Kemdikbud)

IX 2010 Medan, North Sumatra  see note

National with answer (Kemdikbud)

X 2011 Manado, North Sulawesi  see note

National (Kemdikbud)

XI 2012 Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta  see note

City with Answer (Kemdikbud)

Province Answer (Kemdikbud)

National (with answer) (Kemdikbud)

XII 2013 Bandung, West Java  see note

City Answer (Kemdikbud)

Province Answer (Kemdikbud)

National (with answer) (Kemdikbud)

XIII 2014 Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara see note,

City Answer (Kemdikbud)

Province Answer (Kemdikbud) (Discussion 1 (Ridlo W. Wibowo), Discussion 2 (David Orlando)),

National with answer (Ridlo W. Wibowo) (Kemdikbud)

XIV 2015 Palu, Central Sulawesi see note, City, Province, National (Theory, Data Analysis, Observation) (TPOA)

City (Kemdikbud) (Solution)(Discussion 1 (Ridlo W. Wibowo), Discussion 2 (David Orlando))

Province (Kemdikbud) Solution (Discussion (Ridlo W. Wibowo)),

National (with Solution) (Kemdikbud)

XV 2016 Palembang, South Sumatra City Solution (Kemdikbud)(discussion (Ridlo W. Wibowo))

Province Solution (Kemdikbud) (Discussion (Ridlo W. Wibowo))

National (Solution, Kemdikbud), ( Discussion) (Aryana Paramita)

XIV 2017 Pekanbaru, Riau City/ City (Aryana Paramita)(Solution, discussion (Ridlo W. Wibowo)), Province (discussion (Ridlo W. Wibowo)), National (theory) (Ridlo W. Wibowo)
XV 2018 Pekanbaru, Riau City (Discussion (Ridlo W. Wibowo), Discussion (Aryana paramita)), Province (Abdul Salim), (Discussion (Ridlo W. Wibowo)), National (theory) (Ridlo W. Wibowo, with discussion by M. Ikhsan)
XVI 2019 Tasikmalaya, West Java City (Discussion (Ridlo W. Wibowo), Province with discussion (Ridlo W. Wibowo),

National (theory with discussion) (TOASTI)

XVII 2020 Bangka Belitung(?) City (Discussion (Ridlo W. Wibowo),

If you want more, you can also check past  OSN Kebumian  (Indonesian Earth Science Olympiad, also in Bahasa Indonesia) papers, it has roughly 20% Astronomy-related questions.) (syllabus) (note: by reading this part and the IESO part below, you can’t help but wonder why all Earth Science Olympiad organisers are really nice in uploading their problems online)

From Kemdikbud

2008 City (answer)  ,  Province (with discussion)    ,  National

2009 City with answer   ,  Province (with discussion)   ,  National (with answer)

Kebumian (Astronomy part) 2016 (Kemdikbud)

2010 National MC , Essay ( Answer )

2011 ProvinceNational ( Answer )

2012 City with answer, province (answer)  ,  National: theory (answer)

2013 City (answer) , Province (answer), National:  theory (answer)

2014 City (answer) , Province (with answer), National: Field (Astronomy), theory (with answer)

2015 City (answer) , Province (answer), National: theory (answer)

2016 City (answer) , Province (answer), National: Field (Astronomy) (Answer), theory (answer)

2017 City (answer , discussionProvince (from

2018 City (answer) Province(from

2019 City (answer), Province (from

IOAA (International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics)

IOAA Syllabus

Past IOAA Papers (2016-2019)

I 2007 Chiang Mai, Thailand ProblemsProblems
II 2008 Bandung, Indonesia ProblemsProblems
III 2009 Tehran, Iran Problems with Solutions, Problems
IV 2010 Beijing, China Problems with Solutions
V 2011 Chorzow/Katowice/Krakow, Poland Problems, Problems
VI 2012 Rio de Janeiro/ Vassouras, Brazil Problems
VII 2013 Volos, Greece Problems with Solutions
VIII 2014 Suceava/Gura Humorului, Romania Problems
IX 2015 Magelang/ Semarang, Indonesia Short Problems, Long Problems (Marking), Data Analysis (Solution), Constants
X 2016 Bhubaneswar, India Theory and Data Analysis, Team and Observation 


XI 2017 Phuket, Thailand Problems with solution
XII 2018 Beijing, PRC Problems 


XIII 2019 Kezthely, Hungary Problems & Solution 

IAO (International Astronomy Olympiad)

I 1996 Nizhnij Arkhyz,Russia Problems
II 1997 Nizhnij Arkhyz,Russia Problems
III 1998 Nizhnij Arkhyz,Russia Problems
IV 1999 Nauchnyj, Crimea Problems
V 2000 Nizhnij Arkhyz,Russia Problems
VI 2001 Nauchnyj, Crimea
VII 2002 Nizhnij Arkhyz,Russia
VIII 2003 Stockholm, Sweden Seniors – Problems

Seniors – Solutions to problems

Problem 7

Problem 7 – solutions

Problem 8

Problem 8 – solutions

IX 2004 Simeiz, Crimea Planetary Data, Cat Crews, a 1-4. a 3-6, b 1-3, b 3-6
X 2005 Beijing, China Problems
XI 2006 Bombay, India
XII 2007 Simeiz, Crimea Beta
XIII 2008 Trieste, Italy
XIV 2009 Hangzhou, China
XV 2010 Sudak, Crimea Alpha Beta
XVI 2011 Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan Alpha Beta
XVII 2012 Gwangju, Republic of Korea Problems
XVIII 2013 Vilnius, Lithuania Problems with Solution
XIX 2014 Bishkek – Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan Problems
XX 2015 Kazan, Russia Problems
XXI 2016 Smolyan – Pamporovo, Bulgaria  Theory Practical Observation

Merge of Previous IAO Problems

Don’t think the organiser would ever upload questions again. People with questions if you can upload, please. APAO as well.

APAO (Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad)

I 2005 Irkutsk, Russia observation
II 2006 Vladivostok, Russia Theoretical round, group a

Observational round

III 2007 Xiamen, China Theoretical round, group a

Theoretical round, group b

Observational round

IV 2008 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Theoretical round, group a

Theoretical round, group b

Observational round

V 2009 Damyang, Republic of Korea Theoretical round, group a

Theoretical round, group b

Practical round

Observational round

VI 2010 Tolikara, Indonesia
VII 2011 Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan
VIII 2012 Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh Theoretical round, problems 1-6, group a

Theoretical round, problems 1-6, group b

Practical round, problem 7, groups a and b

Practical round, problem 8, group a

Practical round, problem 8, group b

Observational round, problems 9-12, groups a and b

IX 2013 Tomohon, Indonesia
X 2014 Irkutsk/Listvyanka, Russia Problems
XI 2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh Problems
XII 2016 Goheung, Republic of Korea

IESO (International Earth Science Olympiad)

Syllabus. Have 20% Astronomy-related questions. Astronomy Problems from 2007-2013. Problems from 2007-2013. Problems from 2014.

Problems from 2007-2017 (with each section in separate files, useful if you only want the astronomy section)

TOIKI (Indonesian Earth Science Olympiad Team)  website also links some questions from KESO (Korean Earth Science Olympiad)

BAAO (British Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad)

Past papers (Trials from 2015-2018)

INAO (Indian National Astronomy Olympiad)

(mostly from

INAO 2020 Problems

Indian National Astronomy Olympiad Problems and Solution (2008-2019)

INAO 2015 Problems and Solution

INAO 2016 Problems and Solution

INAO 2017 Problems and Solution

INAO 2018 Problems and Solution

INO 2019 Problems and Solution

National Standard Examination in Astronomy (NSEA)

Also for India.

NSEA for 2011-2013

Solved paper 2013 and 2015 (

Problems and Solution for 2015 (

Problems and Solution for 2016 (

Problems and Solution for 2017 (

Problems and solution for 2018-2019 (

USAAAO (USA Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad) + NAO (National Astronomy Olympiad)

Past exams (2013-2014)

Sylabus, past exams and answers (2014-2019)

Canadian Astronomy Olympiad(?)

1st (2017) 

4th (2020)

SLAAO (Sri Lankan Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad) and SLJAO (Sri Lankan Junior Astronomy Olympiad)

Srilankan Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics Problems (2007-2011)

SLAAO 2012 (Tamil-ENG)

SLAAO 2013 (Tamil-ENG)

SLJAO 2011 (Sinhala-ENG)

SLJAO 2012 (ENG)

SLJAO 2013 (Tamil-Eng)

SAO (Singapore Astronomy Olympiad)

4th SAO  (2016)

Past SAO Papers (2016-2019), 6th SAO Papers (2020)

MyAO (Malaysian Astronomy Olympiad)

2018 Sample Question (Eng & Malay)

BDOAA (Bangladesh Olympiad on  Astronomy and Astrophysics)

(Gratitude and credit is fully given to Fahim Rajit Hossain Shwadhin from Bangladesh Astro-Olympiad who’s personally emailing me for the most recent information for BDOAA. Thank you again, Fahim!)

From scienceolympiadsbd@blogspot

Others (From Countries’ Astronomy Olympiad Websites, Not in English)

Translated with  My Grandpa Google’s help.

Bulgaria (Grade V-VI, Grade VII-VIII, Grade IX-X, Grade XI-XII. Training camp questions (junior, senior)): 2004 (8th), 2005 (9th), 2006 (10th), 2007 (11th), 2008 (12th), 2009 (13th) , 2010 (14th), 2011 (15th), 2016 (20th), 2018 (22nd), current (2020)

Estonia (2004-2016)

Mexico (INAOEP) : 2004 (2nd), 2008 (4th) , practices



St. Petersburg Astronomical Olympiad (Qualifying Stage, Final Practical, Final Theoretical) 2010-2018  (in Russian) with Solution

Moscow Astronomical Olympiad (Qualifying Stage First Tour and Second Round, Final Observation, Final Theoretical) 2009-2019 (in Russian) with Solution

Lomonosov Tournament (Tournament, Final) (1978-2018) (in Russian) with Solution

All-Russian Olympiad (including Astronomy) (in Russian) with Solution (2009-2019) Stage 5-10)

Sources: Official websites (IOAA, IAO, APAO, IESO, BAAO, SLAAO, SLJAO, INAOEP, etc.),,,,,

(If anything shouldn’t be uploaded/ linked, please tell me, thank you. If you inform me of anything new/ other Astronomy olympiads/ or something missing, I’ll be very grateful. Can’t work around languages not written in Latin scripts.)

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