Designing Mission Patches

As I was looking for outreach activity to do, I encounter designing space mission badges/ patches. Space mission badges is usually designed to be worn on an astronauts’ suit. They usually have the austronauts’ names, the space shuttle, symbol/ logo about the mission, and flags of the country/ies involved.

These are from all the Space Transportation System (STS) a. k. a.  Space Shuttle  missions

This is from the first woman in space, definitely inspiring

Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova wore the very first spacesuit patch in 1963 for the Vostok 6 mission. (Collect space

Space Agency is not only about NASA, these are from all the European Human Spaceflight missions


They are quite a lot actually

and this is from CNSA


Shenzou 7 patch, first EVA hence the logo

The interesting thing about ISS missions is that you can see differences in nationalities participating based on the flags and the names, definitely the way they put the names


ISS Expedition 32, I can only read Williams and XXXII

Recently there’s a quite a big news about British astronaut Tim Peake going to ISS.The UKSA held a contest for the logo, winner is a elementary schooler, inspired by Newton’s apple.


In this picture from top-left corner clockwise: Soyus TMA-19M for landing, ESA (ESA and EU are different, so no Brexit involved), Tim Peake’s Principia , Troy the winner pictured side-by-side to Tim Peake, ISS Expedition 47, ISS Expedition 46

For outreach I ended up doing this as well. The result was nice! There are a lot of nice mission badges in the outreach, but as usual, NASA is everywhere, even if they have UK Space Agency.

Anyway, this is a good activity to do in class or science/ astronomy outreach or can be modified for scout activities or other activities as well, guaranteed!

If you can design your own mission and your own patch, what kind of patch you want to make, then?

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