Harry Potter @ London’s King Cross

This is part of Photo-first-write-later travel posts.

What: Went to London for class , visiting again for accompanying friends

Where: King’s Cross Harry Potter’s store

Impression: Don’t. buy.anything… don’t.get.tempted.Doooon’tttttt.

So, other than the store (which is fabulous, but definitely cost a lot of money. Be prepared if you’re faint-hearted, here you can visit the famous Platform 9 3/4 (which is not exactly Platform 9 3/4, by the way). Here you can find a cart stuck in a wall as if it’s going through the wall by the invisible entrance to the platform. You can take a picture in front of it and borrow a scarf from the attendants. They lady in the Platform 9 3/4 entrance will automatically give you a Gryffindor scarf unless you request for other (I definitely asked for Ravenclaw’s though Gryffindor is Red)

Back when I first visited, the queue wasn’t long at all. The second time I visited though, the queue was craazzzy. The store itself opens from 8.00-22.00, you will get people queuing even after the store closes!  My suggestion is to visit here at 5 in the morning straight after the station opens. Sure, you’ll get nice attendant lending you scarfs and sometimes wand, but if you want to avoid the queue, sure thing to do!

How to visit. Just go to King’s Cross Station! It’s just a walk from St. Pancras where your Eurolines boarded (you rich people, you.), a subway ride to everywhere in London, even from Gatwick and Heathrow airport. If you use the tube, you need to turn left twice (basically it’s behind you) to go to the store. If you come from the main entrance, it’s in your left side.

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