My Reading Setup on the E-book Readers

Previously I have written about both my T1 and my Glo. Now, I’m writing about my reading setup: files, settings, and whatnots to create e-book articles from non-books and for reading. There are a lot of setups and tutorials available (especially in mobileread), but these are I use the most/ most comfortable in. (not really into using them wirelessly, syncing and stuff)

(warning: the usual I’m in Windows(!!))

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File extensions

Extensions Setup
epub just read them comfortably in Coolreader (Glo),
or native reader when I’m in my T1.
FBReader when I’m in Android.
fb2, mobi, html, lit, chm and plain text Coolreader only supports epub (why), so if I’m not reading them in Koreader (Glo), I convert them in Calibre first, because I really like my Coolreader page turn-setup.
In my T1, just fire up the native reader app or FBReader if the native one failed to open.
Same with Android
rtf,doc, docx, odt Straight up reading them in Koreader. When I have time (and the writer2epub conversion isn’t broken), usually save them to odt and use Writer2epub. Not into converting them in Calibre because the result isn’t as nice.
ppt,pptx I read them course slides in Koreader, nice!
PDF and DjVu Usually just read them over in Koreader (Glo). If I have problem reading the fonts ’cause too small, just set the page to landscape, fit content width. Back then I tried to convert them with k2pdfopt to make them searchable, but now I don’t bother much, really. They’re pretty legible in landscape view.
Don’t bother in T1 (or just native).
Radaee in Android
CBZ Just throw them into Koreader(Glo) or Perfectviewer (T1)
CBR Koreader sadly doesn’t support CBR, so I just change the extension to CBZ manually or use Bulk Extension Changer


Coolreader (Kobo. Normal ver. also for Android, Windows, Linux): main main reader app right now. My page-turn setup is like below. I use stardict‘s Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary for dictionary. Charter e-ink, 29 .


My page tap setup


My page longtap setup (swipe left-right for pages. Don’t have keys so no keys setting


Koreader (Kobo, Kindle): mostly for PDF (landscape, fit content width) and CBZ (portrait, fit content height). Also use Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary for dictionary.

T1 & Android

FBReader: not much, just install TTS plugin for awkward lady-voice telling me stories when I’m washing dishes.


Grabmybooks (Firefox, Chrome, Android): Really nifty extension that not enough people know. I mostly use this in Firefox (my Chrome one always failed so I just don’t bother and use the Firefox one) to save articles and translations linked in one masterpost. You can also setup the cover. I like to just have a list of page links and save them as epub to read with this.


Just select your page links, right click, Grab link

  • If I want to make the page I read to epub, just use Express page grab

  • Other setup that I like is to use the Feeds setting to save a few RSS pages (sadly can’t fetch all, only 10 latest)

  • image

    Expand the RSS on the left, select pages, Add Selection to Book

  • Sometimes the grabbing will fail for complex pages, so for those address first setup the area with Rule Editor. If all else fails, I just select the part and Grab Selection

  • image

    My favourite is choosing an image from grabbed pages as cover. Don’t forget to change Metadata as well

    Can also save all opened tabs with Grab tabs

Calibre (Windows, Linux, Mac): My main epub management software. I also utilise the plugins, oh the plugins:

  • Calibre recipes: Reading your RSS-es. I just import my opml from Inoreader, honestly. You can setup the fetching to daily, weekly, etc. Scheduled. Really nice for news reading, but for me sometimes the max number is not enough and the result is not satisfactory, so mostly I use Grabmybooks. But they are nice! Especially for doing things in batches


Add custom news source first. After finished, schedule new download


Import opml if you have them already


Maximum 100 articles, you see

  • Generating cover from metadata with Generate Cover

  • OPML Importer to convert OPML to recipes

  • I also set-up its reader as default program to open epub and mobi in windows so no need to open Calibre to read (It’s in C:/Program Files/Calibre2/e-book-viewer.exe)


Open epub outside Calibre

  • image

    Just install them Calibre plugins

    Other interesting plugins: BBC GoodFood Recipe Reader (there are other recipes plugins as well), WikiReader to convert Wikipedia pages to epub (can use Grabmybooks as well but the result is nicer-looking), or FanFicFare for people who’re too attached to their fictional characters.

K2PDFOPT (Windows, Linux, Mac): Really nice conversion software, especially for those two-column journals and papers with pictures. Can setup the setting so that you can just drag and drop the file you want to convert or doing it in terminal.  The downside is that it’s increased file size and the conversion takes quite the time.


Set them up first before drag-and-drop

Writer2epub (Windows, Linux, Mac): a plugin for Open-Source Office program to create epub. It can turn odt to epub, with TOC from Header (which is very convenient). The downside is that I now use rather convoluted way in creating doc/docx in Word, save it as odt. Open Libreoffice Writer, and Write2epub.


Ready with odt with headers. Writer2epub. Edit metadata and add cover

Sigil : I use this for editing Grabmybooks e-books, like changing punctuations, headers, etc.. Sometimes to add cover/ TOC. Haven’t really utilise it to its fullest potential yet


My top two favourite options in Sigil

Balabolka (Windows)  The Text-to-speech software I use to listen to epub file. It can also be used to make an audiobook from a text (very useful but I have TTS+ so naah.) Can also be used for mp3 lrc editing (which I haven’t really explored yet). Can work together with calibre after using OpenWith  plugin.


You can just right-click and read or save as mp3

SumatraPDF: Software I usually recommend to people wanting to read epub/mobi without installing Calibre. I now normally use this to read PDF (before I was really into Foxit PDF but Sumatra is lot less heavy). Can also open other files (magic, really), like those corrupted CBZ and CBR that I fail to open with CDisplay)

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Currently Indonesian university student trying to submit more useful contents to share one's limited knowledge. Rather has wide, shallow interests, the writings will be as sporadic as it can be. Should write more scientific and field related topics, but writing muse says otherwise. Expect more on technical related writings especially softwares and apps, cultures, music, and random things.

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