The Thing I Find Most Puzzling in Britain

is that… the opening hour for shops is rather short.

I don’t just say this for post offices, but for clothing and department stores as well, which is weird, because a lot of those stores open in weekday when people are still working (to be fair, some open on Saturday). And that also includes tourist attractions as well. As a person who’s so determined to go at 6 to visit establishments that open at 7.30, this saddens me, ahahah, because then the places to visit after 6 pm are rather limited (maybe for me only. Or maybe it’s just my scope of knowledge).

Side-by-side comparison with Indonesian hours (by the way, it is reaally easy to find opening hours for British stores (looking at Indonesian ones)). Left: Britain, Right: Indonesian

Side note: Senin: Monday, Selasa: Tuesday, Rabu: Wednesday, Kamis: Thursday, Jumat: Friday, Sabtu: Saturday, Minggu: Sunday




TSB Bank, High Holborn branch
(To be fair, the one closest to mine do open half a day on Saturday)
BNI (Indonesian National Bank)





Waterstones Gower Street Gramedia Matraman

Department stores

image image
Marks & Spencer Guildford (To be fair, London ones like the one in Covent Garden open 8.00-21.00) Matahari Department Store Pejaten Village


image image
British Museum National Museum (most of Indonesian museums close on Monday

Post office

High Holborn Post Office Grisenda Post Office


London Zoo Taman Safari

A few exceptions that I know:


Seriously, I suggest you to just do your grocery late at night, Sainsbury, Tesco, Waitrose, etc. open like for 20 hours a day.

Tate Modern



Also, lates! Late hours for museum are very nice! (mentioned here)

So, the point of this short feature is… please maximise your visiting hours whenever you travel here in the UK! There are a lot of interesting places to visit, it’ll be a shame if you don’t visit ones you like to their fullest.

Anyway, I think for maximum visit-to-hour ratio, I suggest Singapore based on experience. I still remember going back after Singapore National Day fireworks and dragging myself in the morning to catch up to 8 a.m. attractions, eheh.

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