My Backpacking Trip List

I have written about planning the flight here, now, as the maximum carry for the flight is 7 kg and (these are definitely not 7 kg, ahaha. I’m sorry. I think it’s less than 10 kg still). Here is my list of backpacking stuffs. As my traveling tips before. The less stuff you buy, the better (stingy mode activated).


Definitely not ideal (

Bags and Wrappers

  • I use a 50 kg hiking bag (that I have at home), but if you want to buy new one, buy something below that. Maybe 40 kg? 50 kg bag, full, will be about 12 kgs, which is more than you want them to be. Better to have them below 56 x 45 x 35 as this is the “maximum” size for carry on (though backpack usually gets some leeway).
  • Rain cover (not exactly my first priority)
  • Small day bag. I use a cloth, foldable backpack because they are easy to bring and fold and washable, but be careful in using backpack for safety reasons)
        • lots of plastic bags (multi-function, for real)
        • lots of laundry bags (for stuffs opened in the hostel. Plastic bag is so noisy
        • 3 Zip lock bags (multi-function)
        • Moneybelt (this is actually pretty nice to keep stuff safe. I have those underwear with zippered pocket, so I don’t have this. Not necessary to buy expensive ones, really. You can also sew one.)
        • 4 padlocks (mostly for zippers on my bag. Have bigger one for that time for hostel locker without key. Please make your life easier by using ones without separate keys.)
        • I actually really bad at using this kind, I have a bad memory trying all combinations. Separate key is okay if you’re careful enough.


Mostly bring comfortable, easy to dry, not easily wrinkled clothes and trousers. Omit jeans if you can. This is packing for tropical region, which is easier and lighter than winter packing. I only wear trousers, but if you are comfortable with shorts, bring mostly shorts! Just skip all the things that are uncomfortable and just there for you looking nice. No one will care enough,really. Bring mostly neutral. dark-coloured clothes for easy mix-match. (though not really if you’re brave enough to wear clashing colour)

  • 4 tops (bring mostly t-shirts to make it easier? Tie-dye will be comfortable too. Usually I save one travel-suitable nicer shirt. Dark-colour is nice, but because of the weather, maybe not really)
  • 1 jacket (basically for those colder night. I rarely wear jacket, so use this for mock pillow or mock-blanket. Easier to manage than sweater)
  • 3 trousers (bring light ones. Skip the jeans. I usually bring batik ones. Sport, cotton, thin ones will also be nice)

They’re pretty comfortable (

  • 5 sets of underwears

I like these ones with two zippered pockets. As long as you don’t put a lot of stuffs. I put passports, key, some money, they become bulky enough.

  • 3 pairs of socks (bring dark-coloured ones. You will be thankful)
  • Sarong (the multi-function cloth. Mostly I use this for night divider or blanket, but if you’re going to the beach, will be useful too)
  • 1 flip flop (you can also use hiking-sandal, but I am now very comfortable using these faux-crocs flipflop with cushy soles everywhere, really. I am easily getting blisters so comfortable set of footwear is a must)
  • A pair of shoes (In case you needing to attend nicer event. If you are a girl, it’s easier to bring those flimsy, cottony, foldable one. When I don’t wear them I use them for saving valuables, heheh)
  • Cheap raincoat (for those rainy days. I actually prefer umbrella, but if you’re going to Europe, this or waterproof jacket is a must.)


I’m a bit heavy on electronics, I’m really sorry. I know I need to leave a few of them behind (especially notebook) but I caaan’t, sorry.

  • netbook (seriously, I think smartphone is enough. I aalmost want to bring my trusty notebook, haha. If you can live without it, just leave it. You’ll almost never use it anyway)
  • Smartphone (please fill this with copies of your information, maps, GoogleMaps/ something similar. Important numbers, travel itineraries)
  • 2 Power banks (they are your traveling life, really. I’m an avid user of GoogleMaps for finding routes and you can’t just live a day with 2000 mAhs smartphones with full-on connectivity. Or maybe, buy Yotaphone (no, no affiliation or anything)
  • Watch (important! For all catching up schedules)
  • Universal adaptor (usually nicer hostels will provide them, but if you live with electronics, bring this!)
  • T-plug (for extending the live of that one plug for all your electronics)
  • This one is very nice.

  • Multiplug, fast charger (mine is 2 Ampere, 3 plug ones. You can have any, really)

This is actually pretty overkill. Just use the smaller, three port ones

  • 2 pairs looong micro to USB 2.0 cable (if you can get 2m one, really. You will fell save to know that your electronics is nearby when you sleep. Mine is 1.5m long)
  • E-book reader (for those long rides. Fill also with traveling itinerary and traveling books)
  • Mp3 player (you can use your phone, but my phone battery is so precioussss)
  • earphone (I like small ones with volume buttons)

ID And Important Papers

  • passport (living, breathing, essence of traveling abroad. Don’t forget to bring copies!)
  • Printed tickets (I actually just use my phone app, but sometimes customs will ask)
  • Printed hostel bookings (especially addresses and phone numbers, for those arrival/ departure cards)
  • Wallet (just bring enough cards, ID, and money. Leave everything behind. Use less paper money, or just bring more later)
  • Passport sized photos (bring quite a lot, maybe 10?)
  • Important documents and photocopies of important documents (IDs, medication, vaccination)
  • Business cards (this is actually pretty nice to build further relationships. Bring about 20 maybe?)
  • Printed out itinerary (especially if you’re going to countries with specific writing system)
  • Ziplock document folders (to make them somewhat waterproof)

Bathing needs

Actually you can buy these rather easily everywhere. But yeah, if you want to bring them. Don’t forget to put all liquid inside transparent, zip bag, less than 100 mm each. If you have those small, hotel ones, just use them.

  • Towel (If you feel comfortable with swimming ones, or something like plas chamois? If not, just bring small ones)
  • soap (I’m into bar soap, haha. Don’t forget to bring plastic sheet to wrap after)
  • shampoo (there are dry, travel ones shaped like paper. If you’re not into those, no need to buy)
  • tooth brush (folding one will be nice) and toothpaste
  • sun lotion/ cream (truthfully I’m pretty lazy to use them, but you should, for your health)
  • Perfume (just in case, not really using them)
  • face powder (this is just in case as well)
  • washing powder (I’m stingy like that)

Food and Drinks

  • 2 water bottles (bottled water is expensive! Meanwhile if you don’t have drinkable tap water, some hotel provide drinking water. Foldable ones will be nice, but they can’t bring a lot actually.)

Folding ones are usually pretty small

  • lunch box, spoon, fork, small knife (reaally nice to just bring/ buy stuffs and eat whenever you feel hungry. For bringing breakfast from the hostel too.)
  • 2 bars of chocolate (not really into buying lunch while traveling. It’s long lasting, flight-friendly, fulfilling. If you’re into protein bars, maybe?)


  • Small notebooks and pen (for those time when you want to take notes)
  • paperclips
  • safety pins (my fixit basic!)
  • A lot of rubber bands (fixit basic too!)
    • small scissors (actually nail clipper is enough)
    • Cellophane (also my fixit list)

Cleaning and Laundry

  • raffia (or any thread for hanging laundry)
  • laundry pegs (usually I use binderclips?)
  • nail clipper (uncomfortable if not cutting once a week)
  • Cotton buds (just bring a few)
    • tissue
    • handkerchief (pretty multi-function. This is also one of my blister prevention scheme)


  • medicated oil (basically multi-function aromatherapic oil? I mostly get carsick, also useful for upset stomach, cold, etc., basically my most basic of basics medicine. Bring your medicine!)

This is actually my go-to brand (no promotion, really)

    • Carsickness medicine, allergic medicine, oral rehidration powder and carbon pill for stomach problems (basically medicine!)
      • 3 bandaids (blister prevention)
    • Souvenirs (this is my trademark when I travel. I usually bring small keychains. Postcards or stickers will be nice as well. I bring about 50? Ahaha.)
    • Sewing kit (for that emergency situation. Just black thread, needles, a button)
    • praying needs (for religious people. If you’re into mobile/ app version for holy book, will be nice as well)
  • If you’re a girl, pantyliners and pads

Don’t forget to bring all your IDs, bring copies, put the scanned copies inside your phone and USB flash drive. Label all your important stuff to make it easier to claim/find. It’s better to have space in your bags than to fill it full in case you want to buy some small souvenirs (though souvenirs aren’t necessary in backpacking trip though)

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