Nostalgia Filter: Bahasa Indonesia-Dubbed Animation (and Other Shows) Soundtracks


See, it’s not just me (from @gambar.lucu)

So, stumbling upon this and this playlist, I do feel nostalgic and end up going through all videos and singing along. But! Those playlists aren’t complete! There are songs I like and remember but not there! Voila, this post. Will be a long one I presume.

The end of 90s and the early 2000s are the golden age of Bahasa Indonesia-dubbed animation/ other shows soundtracks in Indonesia. I still remember spending my Sunday and afternoon evening in front of the television (more on this later). Anyway, I think after that, more animations and shows soundtrack weren’t dubbed anymore (I was happy for this, but thinking back, more dubbed songs would have been better!) and nowadays not a lot of animations/ these type of foreign shows in Indonesian Television (cough, Indosiar why, cough). I knew about evolving credits in anime about that time too (most Bahasa Indonesia-dubbed songs stayed for entire run of shows, although there were more than one soundtracks for a show)

Anyway, if you want to hear/ singalong to the song just play the videos (not mine) because everything after this is my childhood in text form a. k. a. long post ahoy. I’m trying to post in Alphabetical order. If you’re learning Bahasa Indonesia, I guess this will be good for learning too? If you have the translation of the original songs in hand, meanings will be pretty similar.

Japanese Animations (alias Anime)

Akazukin Cha Cha

Have watched this once, not a fan.

Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (Shoot)

Avoided the manga because of some “adult” content, story-wise it’s alright though.


The opening is above and the ending is below.

Can’t find ones with original video. Watch for zany lyrics and pretty “amazing” family.


Can be found in Lynside’s folder.

BT’X Neo

Didn’t watch both though I was aware of BT’X.

Bubu Chacha

Alright, this was cute but not an avid watcher.

Candy Candy

I abhorred this so much because of the sparkles, actually pretty normal story-wise.

Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002

Ade Basuki’s voice were the main points of these songs. Oh, my Captain Tsubasa craze. I still remember that I’d tried to persuade my brothers (which’re twins, to kick football together) and watched Captain Tsubasa together with friend in elementary school’s principal office when we had religious camp at school.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Catch You Catch Me
This is a cover, lyric-wise correct though. Platina

The mightiest of the mighty, the evolving soundtracks were even being translated I’m so amazed. Still couldn’t find Fruits Candy.

Chibi Maruko-chan

Ending song can be found in Lynside’s folder.

Crayon Shinchan

Other song can be found in Lynside’s folder.

Creamy Mami

The Opening is oh so catchy, really. Ending can be found in Lynside’s folder.

Cyborg Kuro-chan

Watched this sometimes, interesting premise but not a fan.

Daa! Daa! Daa! (Ufo Baby)

Missing this one, actually pretty cute song. Can’t seem to find the Indonesian version.

Dash Yonkuro

Let’s and Go predecessor, I remember there’re always ads in old Bobo I bought.

Detective Conan

Amazing that copyright people deleting every songs in Youtube. Can be found in Lynside’s folder and in a few Soundcloud accounts like
this one.

Digimon Adventure

Digimon 02

Sadly starting from Digimon Tamers, no Bahasa Indonesia version. I prefer Target than Butterfly though.


Video oh video, can’t find any nice video version.

Other version can be found in Lynside’s folder.

Dr. Slump Arale-chan

Not my kind of humour even now. I actually liked Makibao more, this reminds me of that I wonder why.

Dragon Ball

This one’s also iconic but I didn’t finish watching Dragon Ball.

I don’t remember ever hearing this one, is this valid? Seems like it’s.

Dragon League

The one that I remember from this was that football with reptile was weird. I didn’t watch this one

Flame of Recca

Ending song is still MIA. I watched this but didn’t finish the manga.

Fruits Basket

Can’t find the original video but song can be found in Lynside’s folder and in this Soundcloud below.

Full Metal Panic

Cover, lyric wise this is correct.

Where are the original! I like the singing voice, especially the ending song.

Gakkou no Kaidan (Ghost at School)

Singing Sexy Sexy as elementary schooler felt so wrong. Seemed like the anime wasn’t well received? I remembered that it’s okay at the least. Maybe I could watch it again to check.

Go for Speed

Never knew this before. Can be found in Lynside’s folder.


Video oh video. Ending and other opening can be found in Lynside’s folder or this Soundcloud.

Hunter X Hunter

I still remember that “Apa kau dengar~” was a sign to run to the mosque for tarawih. It’s airing at 18.30-19.00 and tarawih starts straight after 19.00 usually.

Honey Bee Hutch

Sad song for sad anime. Listening to this make me remember my elementary school deskmate who also liked Cardcaptor Sakura.


Knew this existed but didn’t watch.

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair

Didn’t even know it existed.


Yatterman was never aired in Indonesia(?) I remember Time Bokan did though. It’s actually nothing special but I have a somewhat fond memory of this.


How to Incorporate Banana into Song

Let’s and GO

It’s fortunate, although I watched this I wasn’t into tamiya racing.

Let’s Go Quintuplets

Actually pretty cute, both the anime and the song.

Little Women II: Jo’s Boys (Aozora no Ding Dong)

Never watched this. Can be found in Lynside’s folder or this Soundcloud. I was pretty late in going into Pretty Women. Maybe if I watched this back then I would know Little Women sooner.

Louie The Rune Soldier

Can be found in Lynside’s folder.

I think I was aware of this but wasn’t interested at all.

Magic Knight Rayearth

a fandub cover
Can’t find original one. Cover is foine isn’t it?

I am seriously not into CLAMP until now I don’t know why.

Mahha Go

Not a fan because of the premise of the story


I miss the opening song, “Mojacko berputar, dan berkeliling-keliling” (“Mojacko spinning and turning around”). Can’t seem to find it anywhere, help.

Quite a cult classic. Jazzy number that’s been covered a lot, even for Indonesian Idol audition.

Ninja Hattori-kun (Ninja Hattori)

Casual watcher


Oh, I forget how it’s ended. Will rewatch this, this is actually something that I liked.

Nintama Rantaro (Ninja Boy)

I’m actually quite an avid watcher. Not into the manga cause the drawing.

Nobody’s Boy: Remi

Famous because it’s in 3D. Pretty sad as well, i wasn’t really into it. Ending can be found in Lynside’s folder and this Soundcloud.

There’s also this

One Piece

Yes, there’s been an Indonesian soundtrack for One Piece, magical. Only a few episodes then it vanished. Its sound quality’s atrocious here.

Can also be found in Lynside’s folder. Okay, I think this one below is magical, quality-wise. Is this a cover? Doesn’t seem like a cover? Lyrics-wise it’s very far from the original Japanese one, as catchy though.


Video oh video where are you. I just watched this when I channel browsed and nothing else’s there.

Pretty Cure

“Pretty pretty, qyu-er qyu-er” was weird. We don’t have any more Pretty Cure in Indonesian I believe.


I’m also not a big fan of Rumiko Takahashi (yes, including Inu Yasha.

Rose of Versailles

This one’s also iconic! Weird that we don’t have Pokemon soundtrack in Indonesian though. Even the bells!

I don’t remember ever hearing that one.

Saint Seika

Okay, I watched this but I don’t remember that the songs’re dubbed too. Don’t know about validity.

Shaman King

I actually quite like the voice of the girl singing the opening. This one’s at 5 (or 5.30) in the morning, haha.

Tico and Friends

Never watched this one. Can be found in Lynside’s folder.

Trouble Chocolate

Songs were rather nice.

Virtua Fighter

I believe this was the anime my olympiad friend pondering about. I didn’t know ‘cause I didn’t watch this.

Wedding Peach

Video oh video. I definitely watched this, I don’t know why, but only remember bits.


Songs were rather nice as well. I was also slightly-higher-than-casual fan.


Didn’t even know there’s an Indonesian song for this.

Yokoso Yoko

Didn’t watch this, surprisingly so.


Lyrics were pretty weird, haven’t checked the original version’s.


Didn’t realise that the song was dubbed. Can be found in Lynside’s folder.

Other Shows (Including Kamen Rider, Tokusatsu, Dramas, and Others)

B-Robo Kabutack (Kabutaku)

I watched more episodes than I should.

Choriki Sentai OhRanger (O Ranger)

Rather weird song-wise. I forget everything about this but I definitely watched at least a few episodes.


I don’t remember anything about this but I definitely watched this.

Jiban (Mobile Cop Jiban, Polisi Luar Angkasa Juban, lit: Space Police Jiban)

Yeaah, I find Jiban! After I heard this again. verdict:

1. It’s so long

2. The lyrics, oh my. Jiban is apparently “Baja Putih” (lit: White Iron)

3. The singer pitch is higher than I remembered.


A song that everyone around my age knows.

Journey to the West (1996) (Kera Sakti, lit.: Magic? Powerful? Monkey)

Original song. The singer was even invited to Pesta, a Sunday music show.

Kamen Rider Black (Ksatria Baja Hitam, Lit.: Black Iron Knight?)

I even had the drama cassette.

Kamen Rider Black RX

Ending is here

Ah, I missed this ending song.

Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kuuga is not a Ksatria Baja Hitam….

Kousoku Sentai Turboranger (Pasukan Turbo, lit.: Turbo Squad)

I like the song, it’s pretty catchy. Link to Facebook video cause embedding fail.

Meteor Garden

I seriously never watched this. Spoiler abound though so knew everything about it.

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (Ninja Ranger)

Pendekar Harum (What’s the English Title? Legend of Chu Liu Hsiang?) (Lit: Fragrant Hero)

Didn’t watch this so can’t comment.

Power Ranger

I don’t know which Sentai was this

Return of Condor Heroes (Kembalinya Pendekar Rajawali)

Watching this almost religiously.

Rindu Rindu Aizawa (Lit: Missing Aizawa, Ienakiko)

Nope. Apparently this was the “drama” version of Remi? What?

Romance in the Rain (Kabut Cinta, lit.: Love Mist)

Can’t find Normal Ver. Yet

Watching this because of my aunt and housekeeper. Please return my childhood time back.

All, I mean all, comments of those videos are people reminiscing about their 90s’ childhood, not that I am not. But truly, using that and just shaming the newer generations and their medias, ck ck. Nostalgia filter going through and through, really. Not that I don’t admit that I’m not into watching Indonesian television nowadays, but stating that everything is bad right now and 90s TV is saint has been an old tune, really (seriously, they only remember the nice stuffs. You have been tired hearing those from your parents, and now you start). Anyway, this is not a political statement, this is a throwback post.

If you’re reading through all of that, I salute you, it’s nothing but pure gushing. Please count how many of them you can recite from memory already (again cough, all, cough)? But in the end, enjoy singing along, I know I do. It’s sad that a lot were missing.

(PS: I will also update for songs I remember but not here yet)

(PPS: I am sad that my overly long draft is gone. Let me publish this one halfway finished)

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