My Android App List

Updated: 10 December 2018

I’ve been wanting to make an article about my go-to Android apps for a year already, I have a draft and everything other than hyperlinks, but after I lost it I don’t have enough motivation to start making it again (I’m still mourning).

Anyway, now I am ready to make one! My list of recommended Android apps for your smartphone. I’m not always connected, I don’t have a mean for a credit card, and my data subscription is limited, that’s for a starting note. Warning: a long list of apps ahead.


Visual and Its setting

ADW Launcher

I’ve tried some launcher, but I just go to ADW altogether. It’s pretty simple, and it works with Minimalist Theme that I use.

Button Savior

It’s a must to install button Savior for me, but all people borrowing my phone will be confused, especially with camera apps. For rooted phone, install the root one, for nonrooted, install the nonroot ver. I suggest installing this as task manager+shortcut+button saviour. Install the pro key for button remap.


When I borrow somebody’s phone I feel so frustrated when I can’t sweep for an app, that’s how far I got used to Swipepad. Pro key of course for more apps in the swiping area. Widget, recent task, and dialer aren’t included in the free service.

Gesture Search

It combined with Swipepad is my top combination considering the number of apps I have. Don’t forget to uncheck the Contact option if you only want it to index your apps and not your Contacts.


I’m heavy on customization and quick shortcuts, so I install Widgetsoid too. Basically, it can make buttons widget. I set mine to lock my phone, activate data plan, screen rotation, and some other functions to make less use of notification bar.

Screen Filter

To darken the screen for energy-saving. For more settings like better reading in the dark, Screen Adjuster is more versatile. It’s nice that it’s compatible with Tasker.

Minimalistic Text

Just here for personalization. Can put text-based information on your screen. Can be used with Tasker.


Because I like reading on white-on-black. Only works in some phones.


3G Watchdog

Good to manage your data subscription. My provider can just go and eat my balance when my data all used up. It can warn daily usage, percentage, can omit apps, time, and connection, and just disable connection if the condition is reached. I use the Pro version, but the normal version is OK. Because I use dual SIM Card phone, I combine this with My Data Manager for my monthly plan.


The best of the best automation apps. It’s actually not free but has a 7-day trial, usually, at that period I put all my workflow to automate, after that, It can’t be changed but it will work. If I want to put other flow, I need to reinstall still. (update: bought it so it’s less cumbersome, but definitely still working like this) Llama is also good but less customizable. Magus is for gesture-based command but less for others. Pay for Automagic Automaton if you’re a flowchart kind of person. ActivityTask combines movement tracking with Tasker.

My usual tasker profile here


ROM Toolbox

I use this mostly for removing Ads and changing boot animation. The phone needs to be rooted though. If not, it will just get weird for a while before you reboot. Pro ver.

Titanium Backup

For backing up everything. Rooted phone only. The Pro version is more versatile.

ES File Explorer

The best explorer for me. Can do LAN. Can backup apps. Can change its background. Choose this explorer. (But don’t update. Now a bloated app, I suggest TotalCommander instead. Plus it works with e-ink!)

Advanced SD Card Manager

Can check apps that have or haven’t moved to SDCard. Quite important to save space in phone memory. There are a lot of similar apps, so no worries.


For apps root access.


To block all the advertisements out there. Needs to be rooted.

 Xposed Framework

To change your apps to do a lot of things you wanted without changing the apps themselves. Mostly root-only.

TWRP Manager

To install, backup, restore, and wipe the device. (Definitely root-only)

Messaging and Phone


Using this is nicer than the stock Android app. It can change its background too.


Between all the messaging app available, Whatsapp is still my choice. Other than the fact that most of my friends are also there, my cellphone provider always updates the subscription by itself (update: no more subscription). Because I don’t need things like stickers or games, Line or KakaoTalk are not good options. Whatsapp also has the smallest size + encrypted. Whatsapp!

If you work on the computer much, Line or KakaoTalk will be good too. Both of them can also call. I recommend Line more because afaik it has more users. Skype is good for video call. Whatsapp Web needs your phone to be connected to the internet as well, not so-convenient.

Handcent SMS

Before I am getting accustomed to using the Stock Android apps for messaging, I use Handcent SMS! It can backup your messages, you can change the background and the message bubble. It can also show popup SMS Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that well with a dual SIM-card phone.


My favourites for messaging apps around 1-2 years ago. Now it’s a little bit messy and I don’t like it that much anymore. Can connect to MSN, Yahoo!messenger and more.

SMS Backup and Restore

For backup to email which is a nice feature to have actually.


Opera Mini

Stock browser is a no-no, I like Opera Mini for its compressed browsing experience. The downside of Opera Mini is that it can’t be used over proxy (like in my Uni’s Wi-Fi Network) and it saves all the pages in opml (native format), so you can’t bring saved pages over to other apps, even to the newer version of Opera Mini. If you are a tab maniac, I suggest this browser oh so much. My record is 80+ tabs, imagine.

(update: I have surpassed the impossible and recorded 110+ tab. I lost count because after 99 tabs it doesn’t care anymore and doesn’t put the tab amount)

UC Browser Mini

I want to move all together to UC because it can save to html+have night mode+default download folder+overall better browser than Opera Mini, but it formats pages differently from Opera Mini and I hate its formatting, so I still mostly use Opera Mini. If you don’t mind that, I suggest using UC Browser more. I warn you that it can’t open more than 10 tabs so it doesn’t work well with my browsing habit. Don’t forget to unclick the Improvement program. Dolphin Browser Mini is good only because it has gesture option. Other than that though, I hate it.


Cloud storage is one too many. Connect cloud storages from Dropbox, Box, Drive, Skydrive, 4Shared, SugarSync. Unfortunately, it can only connect to one account per service. For cloud services though, my number 1 is Onedrive, Drive, then Dropbox.

Filestube Navigator

Between torrent and direct download, I prefer direct download. From all the searcher, Filestube gives the best result.

Open Signal

Can see BTS, can ping. Can do more than those, but I use for mostly for those function.


To save your internet bandwidth! If not, Onavo can also do it (no onavo). Also, a VPN so two birds with one stone.

Office and Study

Calc and Graph

My choice for scientific calculator app. It can make graphs, can work with matrices, it’s very unfortunate that you can’t bring it for class.

Kingsoft Office

The best from all of the Office apps available. Better than Quickoffice.

Wolfram Alpha

It can do calculus. That one sentence is enough. It is not optimized for mobile browsing, so dedicated app it needs. It is not free though.


In my opinion, the best homework and schooling management or both student and teacher. Have reminder and scheduling, can change schedule, what else that you need.

Radaee PDF Viewer

The PDF Viewer that works for me. There is a recommendation for other PDF viewers such as Mantano, Repligo but this one works well and free, so…

Orion Viewer

It can open DJVU. Enough said.


Notes! Reminder!

Astrid Tasks

I have tried other apps, but for me, Astrid is still the best, although it’s discontinued now. So I move to TickTick.

Onenote or Evernote

Between Evernote and Onenote, I prefer Onenote more. Evernote can do more still. If you work mostly on Windows, Onenote.

(Update: Onenote is weird on my Yotaphone, so I use Keep instead)


My favourite money-managing app from the bunch. Can export and import, can transfer between account.


Prefer this one than the stock recorder.


ACV (A Comic Viewer, previously Droid Comic Viewer)

It’s good if you want to read and nothing else. No bookshelf, nothing. Other than ACV, I suggest Perfect Viewer, but I don’t like that you have to put everything in bookshelf + weird touch area mapping

(Update after living with my Sony, I now get used to Perfect Viewer Both are fine I think).


Can read almost anything, can sync to cloud (with an added app). Very nice. I like this better than CoolReader, CoolReader is okay actually. Aldiko is too much fuss.

(Update: Don’t forget to install the TTS Plugin, enough of my dish-washing, bicycling, cooking time filled by the monotone TTS lady reading my epubs).  @Voice for reading a lot of others like RSS news.

Mortplayer Audiobook

From all the audiobook apps that I’ve tried, this is simply the best. Can bookmark, can skip, can go to time. The best. And free.

Baka Reader EX

I like reading Japanese light novel. Between this and the normal Baka Reader, I suggest the EX one, although both are the same.


I put it here because I use Pocket(formerly ReadItLater) mostly for reading. I haven’t use Instapaper or Readability so I can’t compare with the two, but It can integrate with OldReader (web-based) and Greader (app), enable swiping gesture, have Firefox Add-on and text-to-speech so I’m sold. You can also sync to @Voice Aloud Reader, which is currently what I do everyday.

Social media

I’m not heavy on Social Media so this section won’t be so much help.

Facebook Messenger

Using this for pushing-up Facebook message only, for the site, better use web browser.


Go-to apps for Twitter. I like it more than the stock Twitter Apps. It is not free though.


I’m also not heavy on Games. I know some good games, but I install mostly casual games.

ACE Unblock

I like this kind of game, ehehe. I like this one the most from other similar apps.


Uncovering hidden combinations are nice. Basically, you have to combine elements to make different elements/


Although the first levels are easy, arranging blocks of colours is actually harder than I thought.

Chess Free

It’s a chess app (what else) I like the best.


I like playing Go.


I like to play this game back then when I was a high schooler. When it’s available on Android, that’s it.

Sudoku Plus

The most convenient Sudoku games from the bunch available in the market.


I’m also a sucker for games like this.

MP3 Music Quiz

Music guessing games from your music collection.


Google as a set is a must, including the standard Youtube, Gmail, and some of the apps mentioned below

Google Map

Google Maps is neat. What can I say?


Can find almost anything with images. I suggest being careful about what you search though,

Google Sky Map

Inner astrolover galore. The not-so-nice thing is that you need to do a bit acrobatic movement.


Can translate Korean and Japanese with strokes. Can translate paragraph. Can do TTS.



Learn how to speak German! France! Some other languages like Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese! It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t have more language options, but the list is still growing. I am now learning German with this, so let’s learn together.

Offline Dictionary

For when you can’t access the internet. Can install dictionaries that you want. For online translation, Google Translate is the best still.

Pleco & Hanping

Both are Chinese-to-English Dictionary. Between Hanping and Pleco, I prefer the GUI and pinyin of Hanping. Pleco, however, supports written input and that’s the dealbreaker.


When Google Translate can’t help, a human translation will be best.



I have tried most of the other Android Music Player available, but this one is the best for me because There. Other music players can only show the lyrics and that’s not enough for me. It can also change background and theme for more personalization. I don’t mind other things like equalizer much but it has a decent one. Later version upgrades the appearance while shoving the connectivity features like music discovery that unfortunately works only in China. I hated it, but I can now accept it. Go for version 5.9 at the most for TTPod without the annoyance (PM if you want the APK).

Other than TTPod, I suggest MediaMonkey as a couple with the desktop app.


It’s a nice app to create and modify MIDI and play it simply. To play midi only, you can also use Midi sheet Music.


For tuning your voice. Better use the Pro version because it’s more versatile.


To learn Djing, although I still not that understand.

Tunein Radio

Stream radio over the internet. As usual, warning to people with a limited data plan.


Not only play the piano but also learn from MIDI files from the internet or from SD card. Very good. Have guitar, Drumpad, Drum Machine, and Multitrack function, only missing real drum. For playing and recording on piano only Perfect Piano (older version of Walkband) is OK. For piano learning, Pianist HD is an alternative.

Use Solo for Virtual Guitar. It can play both unplugged and chord, so I like it very much. Better than Robotic Guitarist.

Drum Kit

For learning to drum with real drum configuration, something that Walkband doesn’t have.



For those rare time when I want to download videos from my phone. No Youtube.


The most convenient video player. MK is also good.



No-nonsense image opener. Very quick. For integration with online image services, choose JustPictures.


I like fanarts. After some recent updates (after 3.2.0) GUI is better but performance is poor.

Perfectly Clear

The best for image editing but the size, I can’t. Pixlr Express is good too.

Sketchbook Mobile

For random drawing. Infinite Painter is an alternative.


I’m not heavy on camera as I’m not heavy on social media so this will be mostly empty.


For Timelapse Photo. I use the Pro version.

Photaf Panorama

For panoramic stiching. Also use Pro version.


gReader and News+

Before I was using Google Reader, after its demise though, I move to OldReader. gReader is the one that works best and can sync with both OldReader and Feedly. I wonder about paid OldReader still. (update: moved to InoReader) From the same developer and with similar UI, News+ is good for other RSS readers (with added extension), such as InoReader, I like it more than the real InoReader app.


Important for Feedly(when OldReader is down. It has happened before).  Now, other than OldReader, I’m partial to InoReader than Feedly.



Because I use WordPress (as if the blog title not obvious enough). Can create post and draft, push-up comment, see stat, no need to open the computer.

Tumblr and ShortBlogger

I use both because I have more than one Tumblr accounts. Personal opinion, ShortBlogger is nicer and actually more stable. The Tumblr app is not bad actually.


Where’s My Droid

As a hardcore forgetful being, this app is a must, a must I tell you. It has saved my life a lot of times already)

Hide Pictures – Hide It Pro (Audio Manager)

It’s not actually an Audio Manager. It’s a hiding app hiding behind a working audio manager. Very good for hiding apps, images, or such that you don’t want people to see.


Can lock apps by your choice with either number, pattern, or voice recognition. Good UI. Free.


Free and not as fussy as other antivirus apps.


“Other” apps. I’m so heavy on this I’m not kidding. I like it that I can do everything on my phone.


The one-for-all app that you won’t miss if you don’t have, but will be thankful when you have. It has many utility functions: timer, countdown, randomizer, compass, spirit level, ruler, date calculator, lens, sun calculator, discount calculator, protractor, in one nifty app


It can have more than one tally counter, it can work with volume buttons. The UI can be prettier though.

Color Hex and Magic Color Picker

Its useful for Hex to RGB-CMYK conversion. Magic Color Picker can choose from a Color wheel but can’t put a number. ColorHex can put the number.


I use AIDE for some script editing. A stock editor is alright just to open though.

AirDroid & Gmote

AirDroid to be used remotely with a computer. I also use Gmote for some function but either one is okay.

Barcode Scanner

For all the barcoding needs. I don’t use this that much though. QR Droid is also good.

BlueStacks Cloud Connect

For opening the apps on the computer. Installing separately on a desktop is also alright.

Mobile OCR

For OCR from an image. Sign up for PRO version.

Eco Charger

To make sure that you plug the charger off after your phone is full. Works very well, it wakes me up when I am sleeping


For mirroring, what else. I guess you can use your camera instead, but where’s the fun.

NeonSign Look at me and LED Party Board

For supporting your friend when you don’t have the real version. I like LED Party Board More because it resembles LED banner, but you can draw in NeonSign, so every man for himself.

My Measure

Putting measurement in an image. If you want more flexible but not as neat, you can use Skitch. I use Pro version.


I’m a Muslim so I can’t list bible apps. For Islamic app though, I very recommend you to have Muslim Pro installed. It has everything, Quran, Translation, Qiblah, Adzan. Before (until) it offer everything for free until ver. 1.2, but later versions move most of the good things to Pro version. I keep the old version though, I dig it online after I accidentally update it without backup (PM for APK, it’s better to buy though to support the developer).


Indonesia-related apps.


Indonesian-English English-Indonesian dictionary that I can trust.


Indonesian-Indonesian dictionary. Helping for tutoring, ahaha. Or download PDF version.

UUD 1945

Indonesian laws in your pocket. Also helps in tutoring. Or just put the PDF file of the law if you hate installing an app.

JadwalKA Indonesia

To check train ticket. It can order tickets through If you want to order a ticket by an app, I suggest PadiTrain. I have installed that one but I still prefer this one.


For streaming Indonesian television. Not recommended for a limited data plan.


To live happier in Jakarta as a commuter. Believe me.

Angkot Bandung

I trust this app for real, although sometimes it makes a not-so-good decision. I can walk around in Bandung without knowing the bus routes. Guaranteed.

SMS Banking

For SMS Banking command. There are some banks in Indonesia providing this service

My Call provider app

Can check my family’s balance. Shortcuts to some calling menu.

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Currently Indonesian university student trying to submit more useful contents to share one's limited knowledge. Rather has wide, shallow interests, the writings will be as sporadic as it can be. Should write more scientific and field related topics, but writing muse says otherwise. Expect more on technical related writings especially softwares and apps, cultures, music, and random things.

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