Nostalgia Filter: TV Champion

I don’t know whether you followed the series or not, TV Champion is a Japanese series of contest with various subjects for each week aired from 1992 until 1993, continued with its second series from 1993-2006, and 2006-2008. Aired not only in Japan, for example in Thailand and in Indonesia, it was a part of my  Japanese series childhood memories alongside Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) and Takeshi’s Castle (I was not into Viking because I was quite older already back when it’s aired and we didn’t have Unbeatable Banzuke, there were still quite other TV shows though) .  When I said various subjects, I mean various subjects, from the obvious origami, juggling, until things like perfect parking, Morning Musume (girl group) lover , and competitive eating. My favourites from episodes that I watched and remembered are the Lego ones, the stationery one, and the gift-wrapping one (when I said I like it, I mean it).

Back then when my Google-fu was not as good as now, I have searched information of the series on the internet, but have not get that many information as now. Now however, my nostalgia goggles are back again, and here I am, searching about the series.

Anyway, here are some of the episodes that I like the most (and searchable on the internet). There are also some nice souls uploading the episodes dubbed in Thai. Searching on Youtube is hard, however, the videos can be found easier on Veoh, Tudou, and Youku.

Some of the episodes that I can find:

  • Juggling episode. If anybody into competitive juggling, Ryo Yabe, one of the most famous diaboloists in the world,  joining this one back then when he was 17 years old. Here are the videos. – TV Champion: Juggling Part 1 – TV Champion: Juggling Part 2 – TV Champion: Juggling Part 3
  • Lego episodes. As I was quite the cheapskate Lego lover , other than looking at photos and reading manual books, watching these episodes is a must.

  • Origami episode. I am so amazed at how many things people can made from a piece of paper.

These two three channels are uploading videos dubbed in Thai and this is a playlist of Thai-dubbed ones while this is 5 Japanese episodes. This is a 200-videos playlist of mixed TV Champion goodness. I still prefer the original Japanese ones (because I kind of understand Japanese words a little and none of Thai), but they upload many videos so who I am to protest.

update: there’s also this and this channel, Indonesian version of quite recent videos

Now please wait me to watch and sort these videos to add more recommendation of episodes to watch. Have you ever watched the series? What’s your favourite?

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