Android Series: My Tasker Profile

Have I told you how much I love Tasker? Anyway, being a nonpaying user (I really want to buy it, I really am. If you are Indonesian and want to give a hand , just tell me…) , I can’ t edit my profile as much as I can, usually I just re-install it and write all the profiles back one by one in one week and then just stay with the current profile written before I want to write a new one or edit some , like those time after I install a life-changing app.

(update: I have bought it! Yassss for buying from prepaid balance!)

With that scheme, I can’ t built so much fancy, longwinded, or specialized profiles, because I can’t just edit them anytime. Do look to my profile though, in case you want (also so that I have backup for my next profile writing time. This is a good time, because last time Tasker just updating to it latest version, Tasker 4.0.


One of my first profiles after I reinstall, this is basically not a profile that everyone will use. Basically, I use a cheap internet service that works only in specific hours (and after that hours, it will be expensive to use). Before I use tasker, I would forget the time and have to pay over time, with this profile, all internet connection and tether will be ended if it reaching the end time, telling me the time. I can just activate the internet connection back again if I want it to be.

  • Time, check from, 08:59
  • New Task, Name it InternetOff
    • Net, Mobile Data, Off
    • Net, Wifi Tether, Off

2. Recon

Sometimes this scheme will do good, some times is not (and when i say sometimes, it means those times when my battery is low), so it has to be accompanied by its toggle profile reconact. Basically it will reconnect to the internet every hours for 10 secs between 7 until 22. I use IM a lot as a replacement for sms, but when I don’ t need internet I always forget to check then will not read and reply, so by this it will retrieve messages when they are there. At least my reply  will only be late for one hour after.

  • Time, check from, 00:00, check to, 00:01, check repeat, 1 hour
  • New Task, name it ConnectWhile
    • Net, mobile data, On
    • Task, Wait, 7 seconds (this is the most ideal time for my Ims to do background sync. You can test with yours)
    • Net, mobile data, Off

Accompanying profile is Reconact: to activate Recon between the hours

  • Time, check from, 07:00, check to, 22:00 (time to activate Recon, so that it won’t do anything while I sleep)
  • New Task, name it ReconOn

3. Wifion

As its name basically works after connecting to wifi. It will turn on autosync for message and everything because autosync is basically a nightmare for people with limited data. I want to make it login to my uni’ s wifi with its password (that has to be put after opening browser though I haven’ t managed to find the easier way to do it). Also connect and sync my pocket and my onenote by opening the apps and closing them after they iniated sync (can be used to other apps that need to be open for sync).

  • State, Net, Wifi Connected
    • New Task, name it Wifion
      • Net, Mobile Data, set to Off (basically to reduce the data usage)
      • Net, Auto-Sync, set to On
      • Task, Wait, put 21 seconds (please check for your own phone)
      • Net, Auto-Sync, set to Off

4. Longerback

Basically make the backlight longer for apps that need it aka solution for I’m reading why you suddenly died, screen ? Set it for 10mins

  • Application, check all browsing and reading apps (mine are UC Browser, Opera Mini, FBReader, Pocket)
  • New Task, name it Longerback
    • Display, Display Timeout, set for 10 mins

5. Display On

Basically turn off a display after a few time. I think this is automatic already? No matter, make a profile then.

  • Event, Display, Display On
  • New Task, name it ScreenOgg
    • Display, Display Timeout, set for 2 mins


Connect to internet automatically for apps that need it, which are most of ims in my case, and nonactivate them after I close the time, sometimes it disturb my pace when there is message in the middle of browsing session, so it has to be accompanied by something like “OffwhenConnect” to be perfect.

(update:Now I’m mostly on wifi, this profile is mostly unactivated)

  • Application, check messaging apps (mine are Line, Whatsapp, Messenger)
  • New Task, name it Connect
    • Net, Mobile Data, set to On

7. Back Orientation Sound Off

Basically a Silent Mode whenever you put your phone on face down.

  • State, Sensor, Orientation, is Face Down
  • New Task, Silence
    • Audio, Silent Mode, Mode On

8. Rotateon (ok)

I almost exclusively use my phone in portrait mode, so my autorotation is always off, but there are those times when I need landscape mode like when I read pdf, hence.this profile. Activate autorotation for apps that can work in landscape and after it finished, turn it off…

  • Application, check reading apps and video apps (mine are Dailymotion, Orion Viewer, Radaee, Youtube)
  • New Task, name it Rotateon
    • Display, Display Autorotate, set to On

9. Device Boot (ok)

For stuffs that need to be activated on device boot. Basically I use this to start Screen Filter (if I can do it for negative, maybe I’ll do it for negative)

  • Event, System, Device Boot
  • New Task, name it ScreenDim
    • Plugin, Screen Filter, Configurate the Brightness (mine is 48.7%), and time out is any (mine is 0)

10. Battery Zero

I’m really really forgetful and clumsy, this is a safety measure. It has been proven! Helped me made sure of my phone position last time when I left it on bank counter

  • State, Power, Battery Level, From 0 to 1
  • Use connect. Basically I have WhereMyDroid that activate when my phone is off but when it’s connected

11. Battery Full

Basically the phone will put out sound when it’s full. I …

  • State, Power, Battery Level, From 0 to 1
  • New Task, name it FullAlert
    • Alert, Norify Sound, choose a sound you like

Those are some profiles that I use often in Tasker. I’m not really into complicated stuffs (that’s no use without Bluetooth, Unlimited Connectivity, or Home VPN, so yeah). Maybe for when I’m inspired.

About Ky

Currently Indonesian university student trying to submit more useful contents to share one's limited knowledge. Rather has wide, shallow interests, the writings will be as sporadic as it can be. Should write more scientific and field related topics, but writing muse says otherwise. Expect more on technical related writings especially softwares and apps, cultures, music, and random things.

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