Shoelaces are not Obsolete


Okay, maybe people can say that shoelaces are obsolete now. Who wants to tie their shoelaces when they have velcro? Or slip-on shoes?

Anyway, although less and less people choose to use shoes with shoelaces, they are by no means obsolete. Many people don’t feel that it is not shoes (okay, maybe not heels or dress shoes) if it doesn’t have shoelaces. The appeal of shoe lace s is not diminished either, with the presence of variances in tying those shoelaces such as these.


They say that shoes can express your inner hearts. Because you can easily judge people based on their clothes, you can just wear nondescript clothes, so, one way to express yourself is based on their shoes. If you also being repressed in terms of shoes (ehm, not based on personal experience), one way to express your inner fashion rebel is with your shoelaces)


After discovering this site, I was just having fun tying my shoelaces. because the fact that my shoes sizes had been the same since 5th grade and my shoes that quite long lasting, i have shoes for experimenting. Some below are my favourite.

Pentagram Lacing


I’s been dying to use this in my shoes but it wasn’t ever fit. After my parents bought me this one pair, voila stars…

Starburst Lacing


I like this one. I just tried  it because it was quite simple, but it was quite fun to have, just like a pair slip on shoes

Straight Bar Lacing


Because my shoes was quite dressy, this one is quite fit .

Lattice Lacing


Very decorative and nice to have.

Ladder Lacing


My favourite ever. One of my first also.

I prefer decorative laces more, some that i am dying to try are. If you want to try more you can just visit the site. I didn’ t now that this was aglet.

Source: Ian’s Shoelaces Site

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