This Month Obsession:Let’s Play: Kentrung




Kentrung (I always know it as kencrung, however people online call it kentrung, how come?) is a musical instrument that is native for Indonesia (isn’t it? I actually don’t know much). The young brother of guitar and ukulele (4 strings).

Why young brother? Because it only has 3 strings. With 3 strings, kentrung is plainly simpler to play. My fingers usually sore when I adjust chords in guitar grip (hey, my hand is small. People say keyboardist usually can’t play the guitar well?). In the other hand, because it only has 3 strings, you bound to be less creative.

In my country (Indonesia), kentrung is the ultimate weapon of street performers and keroncong players (it is suitable for keroncong). Why? Because realistically, kentrung is smaller than guitar (approx. 25cmx60 cm) ( I usually disguised it as badminton racket in racket case), lighter, cheaper (price ranged from Rp 40.000,00-Rp 250.000,00 (Yamaha) ($5-$30), mine is Rp 70.000,00). And, because of the strings, the chords are simpler than guitar and ukulele.

Actually, chord for kentrung is simple, especially if you have mastered guitar because the very basic premise is the taking 3 highest strings of a guitar. Yes, string for kentrung: g-string, b-string, and e-string (you can change the string with a guitar string, but the actual strings are made from nylon (so that the make “trung” voice, hence kentrung)). If you have guitar chords book, in an emergency you can just neglect the three other strings. (Actually, because of the number of the strings, you should make some adjustment)

First, standard tuning. Those who have music background (especially guitar) can have this section covered easier. Know do re mi fa sol la si do? This is for you who wants to play the melody.

imageMelody for Kentrung

For major chords

imageMajor Chords for Kentrung

For minor chords


Minor Chords for Kentrung

For dominant 7th chords

imageDominant 7th Chords for Kentrung

For all-chords-in one, can just download (truthfully, because just 3 strings, you can just use the nearest chord). I am doubting if there any people playing Cbaug with kentrung.

imageFull Chords for Kentrung

If you already have music basic and want a little modifying (variation/ for keroncong), you can make some easily like this


Variation for Kentrung

So, what are you waiting for? Play kencrung!

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  1. ini lengkap banget mas, saya cari arikel seperti ini tidak lengkap. makasih 😀

    tapi search di google kok gag ketemu artikel ini ya mas, saya malah ke sini lewat youtube mas, lebih baek tingakatkan seo nya mas 😀

  2. kentrung 3 senar sama 4 senar apa bedanya ya..?

    • Sepengetahuan saya, kalau yang senar 4 itu ukulele. Ukulele berasal dari Hawaii, jadi pemainnya lebih banyak dari kentrung dan tersebar di seluruh dunia, jadi informasi,video, dan tutorial mengenai ukulele jauh lebih mudah ditemukan. Kalau ingin belajar kentrung dari tutorial ukulele juga bisa, hanya dimodifikasi sedikit.

  3. apik mas, saya baru mulai belajar maen cuk. mohon bimbingan

  4. heru iswanto

    Tank’s Bro atas ertikelnya

  5. mas saya kok masih bingung ya cara menyetelnya
    kentrung saya senar 3

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  7. mas kalo nyetem kentrung 3 senar itu di kolom berapa???

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