DIY: Renewing Folding Table



Folding Table sale in my country is dwindling, but yes, there is market for them. As far I see, the target market is children (who can’t reach standard-size table) and boarder (who wants to spend less money). Other than that, folding table also used in colouring and drawing competition because its portability and lack-of-table tendency there.

Because the target market is usually children, it is a must that the picture in the poster glued on the table is the new trend for children in its producing time. For adult and classy kid (it exist?), it’s a no no.

This kind of table is quite fan-favourite in my house, we have three of them. Notebook addict can use it anywhere at home, and in my case, on my bed (bad habit don’t follow). Because our carefree nature, we haven’t been bothered with the childish picture. Winnie the Pooh is adoring three of them, and the worst of all (mine) is Winnie the Pooh as pirate (with sparkling stars). Anyway, my folding table has been decorating my room since elementary school. You can imagine the condition, torn poster, dull plastic, and as far as lack of fashion-awareness going, I’ have enough. Because I have long long holiday, I have this idea to renew mine. To make it more personal, let’s design the poster by ourselves.

Because the folding table has been like my mini HQ and my things have been kind of imprinted on it, the idea is silhouette of anything on it. You can make your own poster actually, watercolour on paper, your photo, catchier poster, up to you.


    1.Used paper for pattern
    2.Ballpoint pen/ pencil for tracing
    4.Anything you usually put on your table
      6.Computer with Corel Draw (or any vector-creating software)



How to make it

    1.Put paper on the table, stick cellotape at a few places so that it’s not moving
    2.Trace things in no. 4 in the position you usually use/ put on the table. It will be better if there is anything with unique shape.
    Mine: notebook (12”, 14”), netbook, mug, glass, DVD case, headphone, mouse, handphone, external hdd, folder case, B5 loose leaf, binder
    3.Scan it, because it is quite large, you can fold it and combine the result in computer
    4.Import to Corel, trace it or make the shape yourself
    5.Print with your table’s size. For simplicity, mine was on A3 (if you don’t have it, you can print it on print center near your campus (usually near the architecture department))
Things to prepare

Things to prepare

Poster finished, put it on the table

    1.Finished poster
    2.Wood glue
    3.Plastic wrap (in metres, usually Rp 5000,00-Rp 10000,00 (less than $1)
    4.The “table”
    5.Spray paint, in this project, black is chosen


    1.Make sure the table is clean from the old poster, dried glue, and dirt
Spray more than once

Spray more than once

    2.Spray with paint, don’t forget to cover parts that you don’t want to be painted. Dry it (approx. 30 min). It’s better to use layering and not spraying all the way in one time.
    3.Put and stick the poster
    4.Wrap with plastic. For the handle, better to take the old handle and then put it back on. If you can’t , you can make holes in the plastic. Careful for corners, make sure they’re neat. You can use either glue or tape
Wrap like wrapping presents

Wrap like wrapping presents

The End Result

The End Result

Just that simple, table looks as good as new. Personal and classy. You can make this for about Rp 10.000,00 (approx. $1). For mini project, not bad isn’t it?

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