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Do you need to bring clothespin for one-week trip?

Do You Really Want to Bring These?

Do You Really Want to Bring These?

Usually people feel confused about what to bring with them if they go overnight anywhere. Sometimes if they do make a list, there will be some little thing that forgotten at their house. I am quite proud, nicknamed Doraemon because I usually have almost anything in my bag and no need for early picnic shopping (because I’m so stingy inside, heh).

I am no stranger for staying overnight in other city, especially in my high school days. Because of the experience, I can manage what is important to bring and what is not. There were friends that thanked me for the list, so I am trying to share this, maybe there is somebody out there who wants this.

Things to bring for one-week-trip. For living in dormitory or motel (lodging and meal provided+electricity)

Standard (very very basic)

One week worth of clothes (up to you. Don’t want to wash anything: 5 pairs of trousers, 10 sets of clothes, 14 sets for underwear, 1 pair of trousers, 1 uniform/ formal wear. Can spend more energy for laundry: 3-4 pairs of trousers, 5-8 sets of clothes, 8 sets of underwear, 1 pair of trousers, 1 uniform/ formal wear

    Bathing needs (towel (as small as you can), comb, standard bathing need (tootbrush+toothpaste, soap, shampoo, -scrubs etc. if you need), standard cosmetic (parfume or face powder). Shaving needs.
    Wallet with id cards and important papers, photos (standard sizes for form-filling). Don’t forget to make copy both in wallet (for form) and at home (if you lost any/ there is some business at home)
    Money (of course). Don’t put it all in your wallet. You can bring your atm/ credit card but you must bring spare money (who knows if you can’t access them)Jacket/ sweater (I pretty much recommend jacket because it can camouflage lack-of-clothing-change)

Electronic Devices

Handphone/ other communication devices +charger(important!). Make backup first.

    Camera if you want, also don’t forget the spare batteries/ charger. If you can do with handphone, better only bring handphone
    Notebook if you really REALLY need it. If it isn’t, you can bring external HDD or flash disk. Shock-proof case is better.
    extension Plug (T). Especially for going with friends. Rest time+plug=ALL OUT WAR! At least you can book one for your charger.If you go abroad, don’t forget to check whether the electric plug there is compatible with your country’s. If it isn’t, bring converter.

So you don’t mind laundry works?

Detergent (if you need to wash your clothes. I opt to the multipurpose one than only clothes one)

    Mini iron (if you don’t really sure of its existence in your destination. For you who fold anything in the bag for “space optimization program”)
    Raffia/ rope (important for making any knot and drying laundry)


Smaller bags other than the traveling one. For normal stroll and important goods. Basic place for passport

    Book/ anything to occupy waiting time. If you have the portable or digitized version, bring that oneEquipment for your main purpose of that trip. Conference? Meeting? Picnic?
    Standard stationery (very basic: ballpoint pen, cellotape, either scissors or cutter. Paperclip/ stapler (I opt for paperclips))
Maybe you need these

Maybe you need these

You maybe need these (things that maybe don’t ever cross your mind)

First aid kit (If you have any disease. The standard one maybe cajuput oil for me if I bring any, or anti-mosquito lotion)

    holy book/ praying needs (if you need)
    sandal and or shoes. 2-3 pairs of socks
    Womanly need (If you are a woman. If you certain, just bring 1 or 2. If not, bring 1 pack
    Bottle (my motto: if you can bring, why buy? Can be used for hand-washing)
    Accessories (if necessary). Watch, belt, hat (when it’s hot), handkerchief (if you feel like a gentleman), hairband/ scrunchy (for long hair), glasses (bring spare if you can. If you break yours, it takes time to assembly a new one. Also bring a hard case)
    Umbrella/ parka (if it is raining season. I opt to choose umbrella if you can manage a little sprinkle. Quite easy to open/ close and you can bring a friend)
    Plastic bag (a little packing action for unwashed clothes, wet clothes, trash, etc.) and paper/ notes (taking notes and some wrapping)
    Nail nippers/ swiss army knife. Hey, trust me. You just know when you need it. Can back up scissors/ cutter too.
    Flashlight, match/ lighter. Camping and or need some pyro action
    Sewing tool (Hello?) (Careful if you really bring it. Just use black/ white yarn), for first aid, just use some safety pins.

That was pretty much it. That many? Yah, there is no loss for preparation. Anything that I forget?
For snack, yeah, I am no snack person myself. Just normal meal+abundant of water. If you want, you can add snack to the list.
Just copy and make short list. If you want, you can this check list (just make two copies for round trip)

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