It’s Already The Tenth


 <insert girl> <insert explosion><insert shriek><insert another explosion><insert one Kamen Rider main cast with motorcycle><insert explosions ><insert a troop of soldier-in-suit running><insert three of Kamen Rider main casts with their bikes><insert a sky full of Kamen Riders and people-with-suit flying><explosion?><insert the remaining Kamen Rider main casts on something big><insert explosions>

Rider War. The soldiers, the Kamen Riders, one by one will be falling. Decade…, will be the last one standing. All of them, in episode 1.


So, recently, I found a folder named “Kamen Rider Decade” in one of my usual internet stall’s(?) computers. “Oh, is that a new Kamen Rider Series?” Seeing the intrigued me, my trusted external HDD (which always comes in handy, I say), began copying it.

Before (watching Decade)

Everything I had known of Kamen Rider Series written in a list:

–          Kamen Rider 1-Go, Kamen Rider Black, and Kamen Rider Black RX, which I saw when I was a kindergartener (I have nothing left memorized in my brain)

–          The other Showa Kamen Rider Series, haven’t known them

–          Kamen Rider Spirits, one of the manga of Kamen Rider Series: just have read a few chapters

–          Kamen Rider Kuuga, Kamen Rider Agito, Kamen Rider Blade: shown in television in my country, seing them on/ off and haven’t gotten the grip of the series

–          Kamen Rider Ryuki: Mirror World? Rica Matsumoto’s Alive a Life?

–          Kamen Rider Faiz: The one with gadgets? 5-5-5?

–          Kamen Rider Den-O: Momotaros and friends possessing people? Denliner the train that jumps through time?

–          Kamen Rider Hibiki, err

–          Kamen Rider Kiva, errr?

Before (watching Decade)

Everything I had known of Kamen Rider Series written in less than 5 words:

            Almost nothing?

(Then, take my review as the one written by Kamen Rider newbie, or further, a person who knows nothing about Kamen Rider. I am neither knowledgeable nor taking sides)

The result (after Decade):

After watching one episode, I continued watching the other episodes. Seventeen of them in the folder. Guess what.

Kamen Rider Decade, in short, Kamen Rider DCD, can be guessed by his name, is the tenth Kamen Rider of Heisei Rider Series (Heisei: the era after the throning of Emperor Akihito in 1989). Because of this special occasion, Kamen Rider Decade will feature all nine of the previous Heisei Kamen Riders (Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, and Kiva) in its story.  It is like other mixturing many stand-alone shows or characters into one like Justice League, Teen Titans, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, or Kingdom Hearts. You have loved the shows before, then see them, or you see them, then want to watch the source. It will be better know the foundation of the story, but if you don’t, after this show, you will be wanting to know more.

Basically, the story is about the threat of nine Rider universe’s earth mingled into one. This can, and will destroy all of the worlds. Kadoya Tsukasa,  the one chosen to be Kamen Rider Decade, must go to each dimension and fix the anomality there, to save his own world. But how about the fates of the other worlds? How about Hikari Natsumi’s dream of Decade destroying the other Kamen Riders? Who is this mysterious man Narutaki? And who actually is our main cast Tsukasa?

Having reached the 19th episode aired in Japan (haven’t seen the remaining episodes yet), Decade has gone to all of the other rider’s universes, started with Kuuga’s World and ended with Hibiki’s. He has met the alternate riders of each world. In the last of the first arc, He will have fixed other Kamen Rider’s insecurities and problems hence will have gotten full abilities. In the second arc, the story will go to the more interesting part. The mistery wrapped around Tsukasa and his past will be unveiled. The relationship between Diend and Decade will be clear. All questions about Decade the Destroyer will be answered. We can just wait.

The things I take a good note:

–          The epic Rider War in the prelude. What a good scene to draw out attention. You can’t get your favourite heroes all beaten up by a newcomer in usual TV show

–          Journey Through The Decade. Good soundtrack, it gets the feeling of the show. Good song, I have liked it the first time I heard. Gackt is the singer. Ranked 1# in Oricon Daily Chart.

–          Kanna Mori’s Natsumi. Cute, with good fashion sense

–          Kamen Rider in pink. Of all colours, pink. Not to mention, in an anniversary of the franchise. Something brave and out of the box

–          All of the effort, the changing backgrounds, the changing suits, the changing casts. I like the fact that Hikari Studio and Tsukasa’s outfit changed adjusted to each world

–          Kadoya Tsukasa’s pink nuance. Pink camera. Pink shirts. Pink apron. Pink violin case. It is like a Sentai’s trade mark colour

–          The henshin sequences. Tsukasa’s full-of-himself henshin style is kinda cool. I like the nine-getting-into-one shadows. I like the sfx too.

–          The Den-O attack form rides in episode 16. I like the ??? expression of Decade’s enemy (Gattack and TheBee, aren’t them? Read their name when I was surveying). Tsukasa must be embarrassed once in a while

I think I don’t have that many flaws to be complained about this show. About the story, I find it enjoyable. The relationship with the other stories, I haven’t seen the previous works. Maybe you can ask people who have seen them. I have read something about the suit’s design. I have found some designs, namely the ridebooker-box and Diend’s suit are not that pleasing in my eyes, yes. But I think we must face it. The Final Form Ride, that is like a junior toying with his senior. Poor them. I also think about the CG. They were good jobs, but I think on some scenes, they can be better. Then, Yuusuke. He is Kuuga, why didn’t he put some action? And Natsumi’s grandfather? Job except taking care of the studio?

 Like your computer game, after finishing a quest, the mistery will unfold, and the weapon will be unlocked. In Kamen Rider Decade, after accomplishing his “mission” in each world, Decade can make a weapon out of each world’s rider, and then will get the ability to henshin to the world’s rider at the other dimensions. So, after fixing the last world, he will get all of the other riders’ abilities. The result, not only getting his own world safe, he will be the strongest rider as well. Wanting to see this strongest rider? Kamen Rider Decade is the one you Kamen Rider Fans wanting to see, a Kamen Rider’s battle royale with full casts. Friends, foes, all are appearing. If you aren’t that familiar with the franchise, why don’t you give a try to this Kamen Rider Decade.

 “Destroy everything, connect everything”

Update: the more and more I watch, the story is going rather haywire, though I do still like the theme. Not exactly as enthusiastic as I started it, however

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