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The Thing I Find Most Puzzling in Britain

is that… the opening hour for shops is rather short.

I don’t just say this for post offices, but for clothing and department stores as well, which is weird, because a lot of those stores open in weekday when people are still working (to be fair, some open on Saturday). And that also includes tourist attractions as well. As a person who’s so determined to go at 6 to visit establishments that open at 7.30, this saddens me, ahahah, because then the places to visit after 6 pm are rather limited (maybe for me only. Or maybe it’s just my scope of knowledge).

Side-by-side comparison with Indonesian hours (by the way, it is reaally easy to find opening hours for British stores (looking at Indonesian ones)). Left: Britain, Right: Indonesian

Side note: Senin: Monday, Selasa: Tuesday, Rabu: Wednesday, Kamis: Thursday, Jumat: Friday, Sabtu: Saturday, Minggu: Sunday

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Indonesia’s Postal Service Rates

I have heard once, my friend from Australia, complaining that sending domestic packages there is more expensive than getting something sent from abroad. I guess some countries have them more expensive than the others.

Anyway, I did send quite a lot of postages back then, and finding this chart pretty useful. It’s a chart of Indonesia’s Universal Postal Service Rates (the most friendliest set, price-wise. Non-EMS, untracked, haha). It is the chart in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). Right now (when I’m writing this, ofc) 1 USD is about Rp 13.000,00. Usually I just round it up to 15000 or down to 10000 to make calculation easier in my head.

tabel tarif pos per 2013

Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Regulation No. 29 of 2013: Universal Postal Service Rates (Standard. Above: Global, Below: Domestic, with left: Same province, right: different provinces) (source: I believe Zone I is including ASEAN and Zone III is including West Asia/ Middle East. Not that sure, really.

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