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First Impression: Miniature Earth


Usually people feel tired and do not really grasp the meaning of behind a statistical report, because the number is usually very big, and people cannot go through a list of very big numbers. In Miniature Earth, this issue is, can I say, “solved”, because we simplified the number to 100. With that, people can imagine more clearly about numbers presented to them, what the number means. There is no need for people being overwhelmed by numbers, and by that, people can really see the various issue in real world. It shows the reality of the world that we live on, the harsh part of our reality. It also shows people that we live in a divergent world. There are more people in this world, with different aspect of life other than “ours”.

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Ky’s Exchange: Banners in The Subway

I don’t know why suddenly they have this kind of exhibition in the subway station. In my opinion, I think this is Subway Station Exhibition? I don’t know. Some are quite nice though…

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Grand Challenge for Earth, and What Science Can Contribute for Its Development

Earth society is now advancing in a very fast pace. Along the way, Earth society faces a few challenges. The progress in knowledge and technical aspect make the world almost boundary-less, but in the other hand, people are more and more competing with each other.

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(Mock) Dialogue with Carl Sagan

Books or articles : Cosmos (Sagan, Carl. 1980. Random House), Pale Blue Dot – A Vision of the Human Future in Space (Sagan, Carl. 1994. Ballantine)

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