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Asean Korea: Waisak Celebration in Indonesia

This 15 May, Vesak 2558/2014 was being celebrated in Indonesia. Vesak, or Waisak in Bahasa Indonesia, is a Buddhist holiday commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha or Tri Suci Waisak. The holiday is celebrated in full moon in May (Purnama Sidhi). It is celebrated in South East Asia and also all over the world.

In Indonesia, Waisak is being celebrated nation-wide by all Buddhists in Indonesia, with the biggest celebration being held in Borobudur Temple.


Paper Lanterns in Borobudur (

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Datemagic + Javanese Dating System

Back then when I was a first year, I make this program to calculate things related to birthdate and Javanese Dating System. I think it will be nice if I compile the calculations and explain the logic. Hopefully I can also explain how Javanese Dating (the month and the day, not the lover kind) works.

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