Hello, if you’re opening this tab, author will assume that at least there’s an interest to know the author?

Short description

University student. Having interests scattered as far as eye can see with knee-depth knowledge. Moody writer. Strange obsession with alliterations and puns. English as foreign language.

This blog is basically a writing-practice medium at minimum, random musings in general and collection of notes at best. Hopefully there’s something useful in between eclectic writings here, though. (Really need to write more scientific stuffs, honest. The writing muse is attracted to the strangest of things.)

Actually available in a few social medias, mostly for following news and hobbies. I’m available to message on Facebook, if you want.

  1. hey, aku tami dari FEUI. aku tertarik daftar AUN DJU program kak. aku liat dari blognya kak arie, kakak alumni program tahun 2012 ya kak? boleh tanya2? email aku yg dikomen ini ya kak 🙂 makasih

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