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I think other than horoscopes, personality tests are almost everyone’s guilty pleasure. Who doesn’t want to know about oneself? I have fun doing some of these tests, and apparently, not every one of them is famous enough? So, here comes a post so that I can just link a page and let everyone has fun for the next few hours.

Pottermore Test

Even Harry Potter Has their own personality test. Not only the Four Hogwarts Houses and your own wands now it expands to its United States’ school counterpart Ilvermony (I don’t think this one’s as mainstream as the Hogwarts’ ones. But that doesn’t make people not analysing them) and your Patronus (there are people on the internet who are so awesome to even make a spreadsheet for this). You don’t know your Hogwarts House yet? Do it now by surrendering your email to Pottermore and join everyone else in their Team Gryffindor, Team Ravenclaw, Team Hufflepuff, and Team Slytherin. Get sorted! (or this one for an example without submitting your email)

Class Alignment

Before going into the more pseudo(?)-science-y part, let us continue with this one. Do you know what your alignment is? If you have played Dungeons and Dragons or other RPG, you should know what alignment is already. Basically, it’s the basis of your character ethical and moral compass, how your character work if it’s given a choice. It has nine combinations of alignments, based on two principles:

  • whether your character is lawful (following the law), chaotic (rebelling against the law), and neutral (in-between)
  • whether your character is good, evil, or neutral

From these sets, you can have combinations such as chaotic good (like Robin Hood) until lawful bad (like Lex Luthor).

Everything's easier to explain with Star Wars

Everything’s easier to explain with Star Wars (from

Typing yourself is actually pretty hard? I thought I would be Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral, but apparently, I am more Neutral Good. What’s yours? If you’re falling deeper into RPG, you can do full D&D character test here (I know I’d be a Wizard, ahaha).

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

I think this is the most famous one. Also look at Keirsey Temperament Sorter.  How very clear, 16 types are big enough to make you special and small enough to group people up. With a lot of research and discussions like what type Sherlock Holmes or Bill Gates is until your own desserts, MBTI in fiction, you have everything under the sun.

In principl, you’ll get sorted depending on your degree of Extroversion-Introversion, Sensing-Intuition, Thinking-Feeling, and Judging-Perceiving. Because there are 4 with 2 each, hence 42=16 combinations, ahah.

If you want to do this test, I suggest this one (the illustrations are very good too), but a lot of good ones on the internet already though.


You don’t know what these mean? Same.(from backwardstimemachine@Wordpress)

This one is pretty similar to MBTI (categorised as Jungian), usually, your result will correspondent to each other. It divides the characteristic to quadras (Alpha-Delta) and using four-tiered dichotomies, resulting in 16 types. If you want to do this test, try this one (last part’s pretty weird, haha).


When I mention this one, a lot of people are pretty surprised. I guess it’s not mainstream enough. I used to have an enneagram book (random buy) and other than the nine main classes you have stuff like wings, types adjacent to one’s own, resulting in stuff like 5w4 or 5w6. Check yours.

Big Five Personality Test and SLOAN


This one analyses you based on five characteristics: extroversion, orderliness, emotional stability, accommodation and inquisitiveness, Check yours.

This one is rather interesting because it will give you a list of characteristics/ phrases based on what you choose and it’s one that says “mostly” or “has a tendency to choose this”. As it has 5 characters, it has 32 character types. This one here in similarminds  will give you both SLOAN and Big Five. It also  has MOTIV (which also has five pairs, Marketing vs. Spartan, Offbeat vs. Conventional, Thinking vs. Erratic, Interpersonal vs. Witholding, Vital vs. Depressed, Slack vs. Rigid) , R-Drive (with Narcissism, Unconventionality, Empiricism, Vitality, Othercentricism, Independence, Integrity, Intellect, Stoicism, Orderliness, Dynamism, Activity, Romanticism, and Hedonism), Enneagram and normal Jungian/MBTI/Keirsey. SLOAN itself based on the five characteristics Social (a.k.a extroversion) Limbic (a.k.a emotional stability), Organized (a.k.a orderliness), Accomodation, Non-Curious (a.k.a inquisitiveness), hence SLOAN. The global 5/ SLOAN itself has 10 Primary types description (social | reserved | limbic | calm | organized | unstructured | accommodating | egocentric | non-curious | inquisitive) based on which of the five is your strongest.

The notation of the type will give you your main, ones with the strong tendency, mild tendency, and average, resulting in something like S|C|xan, |R|xxEI etc. Relation to MBTI.

If you want the all-in-one this one is good.

(Disclaimer: This is no way trying to diagnose yourself. This is just for fun (and maybe know yourself a bit, IDK. I am really not reading all of them thoroughly, they are very long yo!)

I don’t think anyone will follow through on this, but if anyone can guess what my personality type is (I guess MBTI is pretty wide selection-wise, or socionics, but definitely not Hogwarts’ House, because it’ll be pretty easy) and tell me using any method (You can message me if you know me personally), I will try sending you a postcard (or something less than 10g). Just tell me the answer and your address. Hint: It’s not that hard to guess based on my article history. Even based on this article.

(Still ongoing to add more tests but this can stand by itself as an article, I guess)

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  1. Slytherin, Chaotic Neutral or True Neutral, INTP, 5w4.

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