Comparing Anti-Duplicate Software


There are a few of anti-duplicate sofwares free and paid on the market. Here we will compare them.


Standard 1 folder of videos, 233 GB (2749 files, 22 folders)
1 folder of videos, 8.74 GB (94 files, 1 folders)
Music 1 folder of musics, 76.1 GB (17306 files, 1253 folders)

1 folder of musics, 870 MB (1188 files, 12 folders)

Image I folder of images, 7.21 GB (21918 files, 176 folders)



Result 890 kB of installation, 1.07 MB

12.4 secs, 4 correct results. 1 multiple duplicate


  • Can search on one of two folders or both
  • Can compare file size
  • Can compare by name
  • Can compare content
  • Can set minimum match values
  • Can limit number of duplicate files
  • Can search file
  • Can include or exclude file types

  • Can only choose two folders at the most
    • Limited setting options




Result 2565 kB of installation, 5.44 MB

1 sec, 0 duplicate found (duplicates), 1 duplicate found (same name)


  • Can have two pools, each having many folders
  • Can do CSC
  • Can search for duplicate or same name
  • Can automatically delete without confirmation
  • Can save setting
  • Can include or exclude file types
  • Can ignore folders
  • Can set case-sensitivity
  • Can choose by time and date
  • Can check and delete zero length File
  • Can report to file
  • very quick scanning

  • Not giving satisfactory result in test




Duplicate Cleaner Free

Result 5373 kB of installation, 8.01 MB

28 secs, 0 file found (same content, same size), 55 duplicates (2 false) (ignore content, same size)

Music: 4 secs, 3 duplicates all wrong


  • 32-bit and 64-bit ver
  • Regular, image (PRO), and audio mode
  • Can choose percentage of similarity
  • Can filter file extension
  • Can choose size
  • Can choose date
  • Additional option of similar name and date
  • Can ignore content
  • Can add more than one folders
  • Can move to folder
  • Can choose music based on tag and match
  • Can filter image with different dimensions, rotated, and flipped
  • Can go through zip (this is a pretty rare feature)
  • Nice-looking summary after search is finished with time spent, files and folder searched, and duplicate found

    • More in paid ver. (image, duplicate folders)
    • Thorough searching, but takes pretty long time





Dup Scout

Result 5434 kB of installation, 15.4 MB

1min 1 sec, 0 duplicate found


  • Can replace duplicated files with shortcut and hard link
  • Have shell extension
  • Can compress and move duplicated files
  • Can select oldest and newest-



Auslogic Duplicate Files Finder

Result 16.6 MB

1min 55.5secs, 0 duplicate found

Images: 44secs, 910 duplicates found

Music: 0 sec, 0 duplicate found


  • Can choose more than one folders
  • Can look for file types
  • Can ignore file names and dates
  • Can set delete to type
  • Good for images

    • Limited setting option
    • Limited file types to choose for ‘file types only’
    • In standard  ‘all file types’ giving unsatisfactory result





Duplicate Files Finder

Result 1450kB, 4.54 MB

2 secs, 0 duplicate found (I already deleted the duplicated files)


  • Can set and exclude extension
  • Can set file size
  • Can set zero file

  • GUI is very simple
  • No automatic




Result 2.2 MB

3.3 secs, 0 duplicate found

Music: 1 sec, 0 duplicate found


  • Can set extension
  • Can set minimum and maximum size
  • Can set delete option
  • Can replace deleted option
  • Can delete empty directories
  • Can automark

  • Limited setting options
  • Before was my favourite, now there is paid version
  • Free version limited to 1000 files, 20 duplicates






Result 5.16 MB

Musics   :2 min 49secs, 4 multiple results (1 correct)

Images: 19 min 3ses, 501 duplicates found, less than 10 wrong


  • Can choose multiple folders
  • Good for Audios and Images
  • Have cache, can pause
  • Can control sensitivity
  • including sonogram analysis and spectrum analysis (PAID ver)
  • Image Preview

  • Cannot do other type of files
  • More accurate for paid ver.
  • Sometimes too sensitivem(false positive)





SWMole Clone Remover

Result 4.84 MB

59 secs, 0 duplicate found


  • Can search for email outlook
  • Can search iTunes
  • Image and music option
  • Name option
  • Can search zip and rar
  • Can set sensitivity
  • Can search network drive

  • Unregistered can’t delete more than 20 files
  • Unregistered need to wait 90 secs before entering program
  • Registered version is rather expensive








Update: DupeGuru

Result 16.65 (Standard), 17.13 (Picture Edition)

Standard: 20+ mins, 4126 duplicate found, 740.28 MB (for 66,946 Files, 8,107 Folders, 143 GB, in comparison, Duplicate Cleaner is finding 20 min 10 s, 5845 group, 1.19 GB)

Images: 2 min 40 s , 29 files, 1.01 MB 12 groups (for 13260 files, 191 Folders, 6.95 GB, in  comparison, Duplicate Cleaner is 17min 30 s, 11 groups, 33 files, 523 kb )

Music: 29m 40s >> 13 files, 10 similar, 48.72 MB (for 19,000 Files, 1,302 Folders, 78.5 GB, in comparison Duplicate Cleaner is 57min 37 s,  14 similar, 17 files)


  • There’re separate application for Picture and Music
  • Design-wise it’s pretty simple and straight to the point
  • Multiple folders
  • can choose Image based on contents and exif, also different dimension
  • Can choose folder to ignore
  • Can filter hardness in percentage
  • Can export result to HTML and CSV

  • There’re separate application for Picture and Music
  • Design sometime feels too simple, can make people confused
image image image





My verdict:

  • The best result is from Duplicate Cleaner Free, though if you want fast, I suggest DupeGuru
  • Best for music: Similarity (I think DupeGuru Music Edition is very good as well)
  • Best for image: Auslogic, Similarity. (I think DupeGuru Picture is very good as well)

I still like Duplicate File Finder more (think it’s more accurate. It catches 2 files in picture mode in different dimension, not caught by DupeGuru PE. Still Dupe Guru is crazy fast. 

Side-by-side comparison

More than 2 folders x v v v v v v v v v
Filetype v v v x o v x o v o
Filesize v x v x v v x v v  
Name v v v x o x x v x  
Content v v v v o v v v v v
Percentage v x o x x x v v x v
Date x o v o o x x v v x
Automatic deletion x v o x x o x o x v
Zero size deletion x v v x x v x v v x
Replace duplicate x x x v x v x x x x
Deletion option x v v x v v x v x v


  • AT: Antitwin
  • CS: Clonespy
  • DC: Duplicate Cleaner Free
  • DS: DupScout
  • AL: Auslogic Duplicate Files Finder
  • ND: Nodupe
  • SM: Similarity
  • SW: SWMole Clone Remover
  • DF: Duplicate File Finder
  • DG: DupeGuru

with v: yes, o (somewhat), x (no)

Update: Lifehacker recommends DupeGuru (with Picture and Music edition to boot), but… I haven’t exactly wowed with what I’ve tried (maybe it’s just me). Will do an update for it after I do a thorough research.

Update: Tested it already, comparison with Duplicate File Finder.

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