How to Use Miro to Download Your Podcast and Youtube Videos


I like to subscribe to podcast and Youtube Channel. Usually I download the video at uni and watch it back home without internet connection. Before I know Miro, my routine can be written as these:

  1. Subscribe to channel through RSS
  2. Video links piled up on RSS
  3. Go to uni > internet
  4. Skim through RSS, download interesting videos from channel using IDM (exhausting process: play one video, download with IDM, choose dimension, rinse and repeat)

It’s a nice way to download one video, for many videos though, it is long and tiring process. I already go through google and forum recommendation to find the best software to quicken this process and haven’t gotten satisfactory result, until I find Miro.

Miro is basically a podcast management software, but it works well with Youtube channels and playlists. It can update channel and download podcast videos Warning though, Miro is not suggested to people with limited data plan. I usualy only sync to Miro at uni, on Wi-Fi.

  1. Install Miro from here
  2. Open File>Preference
  3. For limited internet connection, uncheck ‘Automatically run Miro when I log in’.                                                clip_image001[4]
  4. Set also default setting for new podcast. Mine is:
      • Check for new content: every 30 minutes, the most often
      • Auto download setting: New. To download every new video as soon as it comes
      • Default view: list view. Standard view is okay for reading description, for more compact viewing experience, list view is better
      • Remember this many old items: 1000. To delete old podcast quickly, choose less number                              clip_image002[4]
  5. Also set maximum number of manual downloads and auto-downloads. Remember that the more you put, the slower it gets.                                                                                                                                                             clip_image003[4]
  6. Set default folder. If you don’t intend to use Miro as your default video player, do’t put anything in the library and uncheck ‘Play Media in Miro’                                                                                                                      clip_image004[4]clip_image005[4]
  7. Set disk space and auto expiration. If you intend to keep your videos, set never.                                                clip_image006[4]
  8. Other tabs in Preferences have no such importance for me, so skip.
  9. Put your Youtube channel/ playlist to stalk follow by using Sidebar>Add to Podcast                                      clip_image007[4]

    You can put Youtube API

    For channel:<user_id>/uploads

    For playlist:<playlist number>

    For favourite:<user_id>/favorites


  10. Other than default setting, you can also set your preference for different podcast. Autodownload options (new, off, all) can be toggled by button under the channel. Individual setting can be changed by right-clicking on the Podcast name>Setting or just use the button beside Auto-download.  



    It’s important to do this after subscribing to a podcast because ‘Pause auto-downloading when this many items are unplayed’ are checked by default. It can’t do for video-downloading binge. You can set for autoexpiration and outdated podcast item.


  11. From Status, we can know the newly available videos. Click ‘download’ to download manually. If ‘queued’ appear, it means that it is queued because there are already some videos downloading manually (for my case, at the most is 4).



  12. That’s it. You can also make folders from podcast.



Miro is good, but not perfect. It downloads video and gives them their Youtube URL names (not their titles), so if you want to safekeep, you have to rename them all by yourself. For podcast, it works perfect. Compared to downloading videos by IDM, it is not as fast, so it doesn’t work well with slower internet connection.

With Miro, now I have more videos to watch than I need. Now, if it also works with other video uploading services…

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  1. I’m using to watch podcasts from youtube channels.

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