Journey of Virtual Money in Indonesia: Part 1–VCN with BNI

One of the reasons I use for the absence of Paypal account and Google Wallet in my possession is that I don’t have credit card. I don’t think I need one and there aren’t many places here in Indonesia where you can use it, so why bother with the monthly bill, promotional call, and those stuff. Anyway, since Google integrating Google Books with Google Play, I really want a Google Wallet account. Why? It’s because the free books. The free books that you need Google Wallet account to download. The fact that I can also download Tasker is a plus.

Since I have free time and I’m motivated to have one, cue My Grandpa Google the all-knowing-one for Google Wallet and Paypal information. There are actually other ways to register to Google Wallet and validating Paypal in Indonesia other than credit card: using the debit card, registering your bank account, and making VCC.

The first one, I tried it for Paypal with my Mandiri ATM Card (It had VISA sign on the card, so It could be used, they said) and it’s a failure. It’s said that there was no agreement with my bank. So, skip this step, skip. The second one, need to go to the bank (Mandiri) to do so, going to the bank then. I asked the Customer Service and they said they couldn’t do it, registering and such, I was sad and almost losing hope.

VCC itself is not new, Virtual Credit Card, is basically how you make temporary credit card that you can dispose of after you use it. There are people offering VCC online here, but I don’t like that kind of business model, I was hoping that VCN is interchangeable with VCC, online transaction and everything. Going to the bank, let’s go (basically I did these three options in one day, whoop).

I was very satisfied with BNI with its SMS and e-banking experiences. If you had SMS banking activated, you could just get VCN by SMS. If not, just register for one at the customer service. You had to wait until max. 2×24 hrs after activation though for registering VCN. As I am writing this straight after re-registering my SMS banking, I don’t have anything to report yet. Please wait!

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Currently Indonesian university student trying to submit more useful contents to share one's limited knowledge. Rather has wide, shallow interests, the writings will be as sporadic as it can be. Should write more scientific and field related topics, but writing muse says otherwise. Expect more on technical related writings especially softwares and apps, cultures, music, and random things.

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  1. your english is so confusing.

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