Tamora Pierce

Maybe a few of you have read any, Tamora Pierce is a young adult novel author with the premise that there is no adventure, young adult novels with girls as main characters. And hey, girls can also defeat dragon, be a knight, cast high scale magic just like boys, right? Then, She wrote Alanna: The First Adventure. The rest is history.

Not my opinion, by the way


There are now many novels, all written in sequels with its own universe. Each books have their own complete story and main characters, but you can see glimpse of people from the books before in the later books. There are 2 universes, medieval-like Tortall Universe (set in Tortall) and present-magic-world Circle Universe (Circle of Magic).

The books:


The Song of the Lioness

  • Alanna: The First Adventure (1989)
  • In the Hand of the Goddess (1990)
  • Woman Who Rides Like A Man (1990)
  • The Lioness Rampant (1990)

The Immortals

  • Wild Magic (1992)
  • Wolfspeaker (1994)
  • Emperor Mage (1995)
  • Realm of the Gods (1996)

Protector of the Small

  • First Test (1999)
  • Page (2000)
  • Squire (2001)
  • Lady Knight (2002)

Daughter of the Lioness

  • Trickster’s Choice (2003)
  • Trickster’s Queen (2004)

Provost’s Dog

  • Terrier
  • Bloodhound
  • Mastiff (Forthcoming)


Circle of Magic

  • The Magic in The Weaving (Sandry’s Book)
  • The Power in The Storm (Tris’ Book)
  • The Fire in The Forging (Daja’s Book)
  • The Healing in The Vine (Briar’s Book)

Circle Opens

  • Magic Steps
  • Street Magic
  • Cold Fire
  • Shatterglass

Will of The Empress

Melting Stone

OK, although that it seems like story for girls (the main purpose), the story is adventure and fantasy enough for boys. I think the main characters can be good role models for girls, especially with the variety of them. Usually “empowerment” in books means you need to be like Alanna, using sword, disguising as a boy, but no, you can also be a Lady Knight who’re graceful, or a Master Informant.


Covers for Only The First Book

Covers for Only The First Book


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