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It seems like a lie if you don’t know Google. If you can read this, that means: you’re online. If you’re online, you have at least once opened Google. As simple as that. If you open Google homesite, if you don’t set your Google background, there must be log for Google there. Different other companies who set and make sure that their logo is in the same color and proportion everywhere, Google Logos will change according to related events happened in the day you browse the site.

GoogleLogos will also link you to search pages related to the event (ie, George Bunsen’s birthdate. Don’t know who Bunsen is? Just click the logo, you will know who is Bunsen). WIth GoogleLogos, you can learn something new (like my hobby), praise it as a work of art, or smile just a little.

You know, Google is archiving every logo it made from the first one, until the one you see this day. You can see it at GoogleLogos

At first, they just add burning man picture to the normal Google logo. They got many praises from people, they add more and more modification to the logo, and the rest is history, until know there is special team formed for designing the logo.

More than one GoogleLogos can be made for one day. You can see the one made for your region or your country. Sometimes, in that year, one day was celebrated as GoogleLogos, but the following year, it wasn’t. You can also suggest a date to be celebrated to proposals@google.com. Who knows, maybe your suggestion can be the next GoogleLogo.

GoogleLogos ranged from independence day, science achievement, famous people birthday, until nonsensical. Because I read that there is rule about Logo Usage, and they can be used in blogs (?)(Correct me if I’m wrong), so I just give you the links. 

Early logos: very simple

Groundhogday (Feb 02, 2000), Thanksgiving(Nov 23, 2000)

Independence Day

Guatemala, Honduras (both in Sep 15, 2008),

Famous people birthdate

Conan Doyle (Sherlock) (May 22, 2006 ), Gillespie(Oct 21, 2010 ), Gabor(Jun 05, 2010 )

For Science!

LHC(Sep 10, 2008 ), oersted(Aug 14, 2009 ), Newton(Jan 04, 2010 ), pi day (as opposed by tau manifecto ) (Mar 14, 2010 )

Astronomical event

Mars rover(Jan 15, 2004 ), eclipse (animation!) (Jun 15, 2011 ), Yuri gagarin(Apr 12, 2007 ), 50th years of NASA(Jul 29, 2008 ), Schiaparelli(Mar 14, 2009 ), moonlanding(Jul 20, 2009 ), perseid meteor shower(Aug 12, 2009 ), galileo(Aug 25, 2009 ), hubble(Apr 24, 2010 )


Nam June Paik(Jul 20, 2010 ), Thomas Alfa Edison(Feb 11, 2011), X-Ray(Nov 08, 2010 ),

Indonesia related (just a few)

Hari Kartini (Woman Movement Day) (Apr 21, 2009 ), kemerdekaan indonesia (Indonesian Independence Day) (Aug 17, 2009 ,(Aug 17, 2010 ), Multatuli (Famous Writer in the colonial period) (Oct 13, 2009 ), Hari Anak Indonesia (National Chidren’s Day)(Jul 23, 2009 )

Until changing the basic shape. Also, Pop Culture!

April Fool(Apr 01, 2010 ),Warhol(Aug 06, 2002 ), Braille(Jan 04, 2006 ), Lego(Jan 28, 2008 ), Morse(Apr 27, 2009 ), Tetris(Jun 06, 2009 ), doraemon(Sep 03, 2009 ), cropcircle(Sep 15, 2009 ), barcode(Oct 07, 2009 ), pacman(May 21, 2010 ), Comic-Con(Jul 23, 2009), wizard of oz(Aug 12, 2010 ),

Yes, It is that many. It says that there more than 1000 designs in a year. Other than an oase in the eyes, it can also heighten your searching experience.

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